Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor for June 30

Last month we were treated to the TV spectacle of a Space Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope at a cost of $1 billion — which I suppose is chump change to the political gurus and their cheerleaders in the media back in the beltway.

The purpose of the mission was, allegedly, to refurbish the telescope so it could peer into the universe for many years, take pictures and to see if there is any intelligent life out there.

Maybe the Hubble scientists are also looking for God, which reminds me of the ones in the biblical account that built a tower so they could see into heaven. I think most of us would remember how they were rewarded.

The astronauts did a remarkable job, but I believe they could have done better if they had aimed the telescope at Washington, D.C., instead of outer space, before they released it back into its orbit.

If there is any intelligent life in that center of wisdom on the Potomac, it should show up in the multi-billion dollar optics that orbits our earth approximately 350 miles up in that vacuum.

Any pictures obtained by such an effort, may not be sharp enough to come to any conclusions however, since the political smog generated by our trusted leaders, in that cesspool of special interest cabals, may cloud the atmosphere to the degree that render any interpretations highly improbable.

But what can I say, we are the nutcases that put them in office.