Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 21

Rep. Baird should lead by example

I really appreciate Rep. Brian Baird’s desire to open up and slow down the legislative process by introducing a bill that requires that all bills be public for several days prior to votes being taken. This is certainly needed.

However, I do not appreciate the fact that absent that exposure, bills that he has not had time to read still get his “yes” vote.

It is irresponsible for an elected representative to vote for bills, especially ones that are as costly and have as much impact as the stimulus bill and the cap and trade bill, that haven’t been thoroughly studied.

Both bills have well over 1,000 pages, and neither were available in their entirety more than a few hours prior to the actual vote.

If Rep. Baird feels so strongly about this, how about withholding his “yes” on bills he hasn’t had a chance to properly review?



Danish health system works very well

I was born and raised in Denmark, a country enjoying a health care system sneeringly referred to a “socialized medicine” by people who couldn’t define socialism if their lives depended on it.

The high quality of the Danish public health care gave me a good start in life from which I still benefit today.

It has been dismaying to observe over the years how we in America have mismanaged this crucial aspect of life in a civilized society, opening obscene gaps between rich and poor in obtaining health care, allowing drugs to be hawked on TV rather than prescribed by physicians, abandoning millions of children to start life without the basic safeguards of health that should be their birthright.

It remains to be seen whether Obama can bring meaningful change also to health care. He certainly has a daunting task ahead, more than we should ask any president to contend with.

We can only hope that his considerable talents and determination will suffice, perhaps even to include a critical public option.



Tattoo launches city council campaign

I write this letter to you in all sincerity, urging you to elect the tattoo on my knee to City Council Position 4.

Due to certain procedural limitations, my tattoo isn’t on the ballot, so it must essentially run a write-in campaign.

Living amiably on my left knee is one of the flag proposals for the Republic of Cascadia. It represents bioregional autonomy and cultural values that engender a viable relationship between humans and their habitat.

How fortunate and appropriate then that this tattoo resides on a human that shares many principles with the Free Cascadia movement!

I’m volunteering to act as translator for relations between the community and my tattoo. This is both out of necessity and a love for my hometown of Olympia, and the city councilthing it deserves.

Let it be known, I will respect the independent decisions of my tattoo, and pledge upon my name and honor that I will not skew the translation for my own benefit, nor anyone else’s.

The City Council is in need of diverse perspectives, more than any other time in its history. The challenges we face our manifold, and we need elected officials that have experience living synergistically with their hosts.

You can contact my tattoo via dylanstattoo@gmail.com to arrange a meeting in person.

Please, in your most proud, legible handwriting, vote for “That Cascadia tattoo on Dylan’s knee” for City Council Position 4 in the upcoming primary.

Olympia, nay, all of Cascadia, needs you to make the right decision.



Valenzuela will lead on green jobs

I am writing in support of Karen Valenzuela for Thurston County commissioner in the election this August.

She was appointed to this position this year and therefore has realistic expectations on what work needs to be done and is anxious to tackle it!

I’ve known Valenzuela for about eight years, and have found her hard working with a sincere mission for public service. Previous to her appointment to the county commission she worked tirelessly on the Tumwater City Council but always kept involved with county issues.

The work that has impressed me the most are her efforts to lay the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity in this area. Valenzuela pledged to work to attract green industries that will bring family-wage jobs and long-term prosperity while helping to ensure we and future generations have clean air, clean water, and healthy farm and recreational lands.

Thurston County has the resources including education, the port and people. Fortunately there are now federal green energy dollars available. What we need is a leader who can show the way to leverage these effectively for long-term economic prosperity in Thurston County.

Karen Valenzuela will work with other jurisdictions to develop business incubator projects that nurture green businesses and ensure there’s a trained workforce to support them.

This is the future I want for Thurston County, and I hope you will join me in supporting her for Thurston County commissioner at the Aug. 18 primary election.