Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 30

Imagine life without fireworks

In a letter to the editor titled “Time to abandon the supersized excess,” Marya Tyler decried the expense of fireworks in favor of more government welfare and less pollution. I won’t support the use of tax dollars for pretty displays but a life without fireworks?

It appears that the new liberal Puritanism may suck all the joy out our existence.



Pets get over fireworks scare

This is in response to the letter by Jacquelynn Bucknell urging a ban on fireworks countywide.

To that, I heartily disagree.

We need to stop this mentality that it’s the fireworks themselves that are to blame for the fires, injuries, etc. that are associated with them. If that’s the case, then to quote Larry the Cable Guy, “I might as well blame a misspelled word on my pencil!”

It should be a right to be able to hold and observe our nation’s Declaration of Independence by being able to hold our own personal fireworks displays, as often times a professional fireworks display is fraught with heavy traffic leading to and fro. The Seattle event speaks volumes to this. Ever been in traffic AFTER one of them?

And about pets.

I again disagree. I have four Chihuahuas and they handle it perfectly. The Fourth of July happens once a year. They’ll get over it.


Cal Thomas set a new low mark

Not all columnists are living in the 19th century.

Cal Thomas has hit an all-time low, and that’s saying a lot considering his long career of uninformed diatribes. His column referring to scientists who choose to be agnostic or atheist as “godless materialists” demonstrates three critical errors.

First, of course, is equating religion and morality. Atheists and agnostics are as capable of exemplary lives as any priest or pastor.

Second, equating awe with a creator god, as if the universe itself is not sufficiently inspiring.

And third, the ridiculous mistake (or ruse) of claiming the only alternative to a creator god is “random chance.” This demonstrates complete ignorance of evolution by natural selection, which is anything but random.


Luck didn’t run out for DUI suspect

Nice effort by Diversity Panel columnist Kiana Pierce on her column on drinking and driving.

Sadly, she is in an uphill battle against the headline writers of The Olympian. Page one reads “Luck runs out for DUI suspect twice in same night.” The man was “unlucky” enough to get pulled over twice by police.

The drunk’s luck did not, in fact, run out. Luck ran out for those of us out on the roads he traveled.

It should be so beside the point that drunk driving is illegal because it is vastly more selfish than illegal. As long as social messages, such as headlines, keep pitting drunken drivers against the police, and characterizing getting home blasted as a game of cat and mouse, we are all out of luck.


Politicians giving country away

I am forever amazed at the stupidity of our elected officials. They passed the stimulus bill without even reading it.

Why? The president wanted it.

What good has it done?

The House passed the cap and trade bill. Are you aware of what that is going to cost each family?

Of course we need alternative energy, any fool can see that. First, drill for our own oil. Second, use wind power but require each piece of equipment be made in United States by U.S. citizens. Third, use solar power with the same requirements. Use nuclear power — it is clean.

Now we are working on a health plan that will cost too much and will mean that people will no longer get care when needed but when available or when some person tells you it is OK.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am forever writing our elected officials and sometime getting canned e-mails or letters back from them. If you want to let these questionable individuals rule this country there isn’t much I can do about it.

Hopefully, you will wake up before it is too late.

In 1944 at the age of 20, I returned from serving two years overseas in WWII. I thought we were fighting to keep this country free. I guess I was wrong as the nutty politicians are giving it away without a shot being fired.

BILL LOCK, Olympia