Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 5

Constitution is law of the land

There seems to be some misunderstanding about what is the overriding legal document that supersedes any other that has been signed into law, since the start of our constitutional government.

It may come as a surprise that it is not the Civil Rights Act that was enacted in the 1960s. No — the Constitution of the United States has overall dominance over every other law of this nation. It is not subordinate to anything, federal or state that might come to mind.

So — having said that, it should come as no surprise that the Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the New Haven firefighters case against that city. The only surprise was that four of the nine judges didn’t seem to understand that.

Fortunately, the remaining five did. The four, in the court’s minority ruling, apparently thought the Constitution was a “living document” that could be ignored when it didn’t support their own “empathetic” emotions. Maybe they need to go back and take a refresher course in Constitutional Law 101.

There also seems to be some confusion, or just plain ignorance, of who the ultimate authority is in the U.S. This may also come as a surprise to many that — it isn’t the 545 officials in Washington. It is the 300 million of citizens who delegated our power to them to protect us from dictatorial government. They have failed completely and have lost our trust-- so they should all be voted out of office for incompetence! Amen?



Beehler has a positive outlook

I am writing to encourage voters of the 3rd District to support Pat Beehler’s candidacy as Thurston County Commissioner in the upcoming August primary.

It is obvious that the economic storm has reached the people of Thurston County at several levels: employment, services, public safety and recreation. But our county is uniquely positioned to weather this downturn and restore its viability with the right leader.

After speaking with Pat and the other candidates, Pat is the only candidate to have expressed a positive outlook for our county which aims to improve government efficiency and preserve the local citizens’ priorities. And given his professional background and public service, it is promising that Pat’s approach will be thorough, proactive and responsive. Now is a critical time for our county that calls for a leader to make sound judgements which reflect the voters’ needs. I want responsible solutions to the current issues challenging our public safety and economic development. I am voting for Pat Beehler.



Look at retrofitting a port crane

A recent article indicated the Port of Olympia commissioners were discussing purchasing a $4 million crane to handle wind generator parts stored at the port.

They have two cranes now, used very seldom because they are no longer loading container ships.

Why not talk to the manufacturer of those useless cranes about modifying one of them, on site, to handle the parts coming in and out of the port? I’m sure it would be more reasonable price-wise and much more sensible to have two different usable cranes at hand. Further, how long will the wind generator parts be coming to this port? Gentlemen, use your heads like you did getting Weyerhaeuser here, regardless of the irresponsible, tunnel vision protesters that have been one reason the port has not been successful in making a profit for Olympia and saving taxpayer funds.



There’s more to wind power than meets the eye

A letter from James Wilcox praising wind power shows a lack of knowledge of wind power.

1. Wind power is not a constant means of producing energy.

2. Wind turbines require a huge amount of maintenance with a life span of 25 years.

3. Wind turbines create noise not good to the aural anatomy of the body.

4. Wind turbines require a large amount of destruction of the firmament due to the base structure required to support the tower.

5. Wilcox didn’t know that the wind power produced in Garfield and Columbia counties has been sold to California.

6. There are more than 500 homes in the area he refers to.

Wilcox wants to remove the dams. He has no knowledge that the Obama administration wants to focus the auto industry on electric-powered cars. We will need more electric power and the dams provide more power than the turbines will provide.

The dams on the Snake River have produced river travel that has taken a huge commercial burden off our highway system in Eastern Washington, especially the surfaces of those highways.

The dams on the Snake River have provided tour boats to travel to Lewiston, Idaho and added to the tourist industry of the area.

The dam created a sport boating and huge sport fishing industry for the area, plus a WSU rowing team. This is due to an increase of salmon and other species in the river. We have a wind lease in Garfield County and are pleased with the additional income.