Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 9

Gates offers a fresh perspective

President Obama’s message on change certainly does apply to this year’s City Council election.

New voices! Time to reclaim the voice of the voters!

As a known senior advocate, and a person who believes in “listening” and then “acting on informed choices,” I support Janine Gates for Olympia City Council Position No. 5. Gates will bring a fresh, new voice, and she is someone who works for a “common vision for Olympia.”

I urge people to look up all the facts, online, and through archives. Gates has long been an advocate for seniors and the whole community.

She will do what is right for the environment, and is not afraid to support the will of the majority of the populous on the isthmus issue.

Fresh new voices are needed in Olympia to keep it from stagnating. Support Janine Gates.



Estuary would be a blight on the city

I hope those individuals and groups that advocate turning Capitol Lake into a so-called estuary had an opportunity to view the Lake when it was drawn down. It gave one a clear idea of what the center of Olympia will look and smell like for many years to come.

What a shame to create such a blight in a capital city!



Thanks, but no thanks on nuclear waste

The state Department of Ecology has received a petition from the federal Department of Energy for a Land Disposal Restrictions Variance on about 5 kilograms of extremely radioactive waste. The comment period on Ecology’s tentative decision to approve the petition started July 20. My comment? Thanks a lot, but no thanks.

Our state DOE employees and employees of Hanford have worked like Trojans to protect all of us, and the Columbia River, from nuclear waste. Our national legislators have had to fight tooth and nail over the last umpteen years for the funds necessary to continue cleanup. Their reward for hard work and competence is to be asked to take care of the waste from other sites! I am convinced that, if we allow disposal of this additional waste as requested, it will open the door for a landslide of future requests! Then they’ll cut our funding again when things get tough. So please, call or write. Ask our state DOE not to grant this “variance.”

Every site that produces nuclear waste should be required to provide for storage of that waste; not depend on taxpayer dollars to provide a salt mine, or to ship it to Washington state. Oh but wait! That will reduce profits won’t it? Nineteen new nuclear plants have been licensed in the southern states. Gee. Wonder what they’ll do with the waste for the next 2,500 years?



Waterfront residents are hypocritical

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it hysterically and ironically funny to see those “Don’t Wall Off the Waterfront” signs on the front yards of homes up against the water on East Bay Drive and elsewhere on streets that border the water?

You could just hate the design. Or you might just hate the stuff Tri Vo does. Or you could wish you’d bought the isthmus so you could have made a beejillion dollars for yourself. At least those reasons make rational sense.

Rip down your home and record a public easement on your property. That would demonstrate your seriousness.



Noise at stadium is a joyful sound

I have lived within 11/2 blocks of Ingersoll Stadium for the past 37 years and had four daughters go through Olympia High School. I take strong exception to Bob Jacobs and Bob Shirley’s complaints about the noise at the stadium. I have never heard a complaint from any of my neighbors.

What you are hearing is the joy of students participating in wholesome sports which teach teamwork, good sportsmanship, good physical exercise and wholesome family support. Would they rather have these young people on the streets and in gangs ending up in prison? Or texting and playing video games? I hope not. From my experience, these activities are over by 10 or 10:30 p.m. So what is the problem?

As to Zandra Brown’s concern that the stadium is in an area zoned residential then I would assume that both Pioneer Elementary School and Olympia High School are also zoned residential and are thus in noncompliance. Does she propose converting the entire area to another housing development? What is wrong with renting the facilities out to private groups and activities. This should help defray costs of maintenance and allow further usage of an area that in my opinion has been grossly underutilized over the years.



Spend the money to restore Capitol Lake

I agree with Larry Glenn, don’t replace Capitol Lake with mud flats. I remember when I was in junior college and working with the Olympia Parks Department to help build Capitol Lake Park. When it was done it had a beautiful view of the lake and Capitol grounds. Let’s keep it that way; restore the lake. Let’s not spend any money on finding how to restore it, let’s do it.