Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 18

Labor needs to flex its muscles

The Aug. 2 Olympian had an article about the Washington State Labor Council and how they are going to be taking a stand and not give freely to just any Democrat, and how some Democrats have taken sides with corporate America.

There must be a God! I have to ask: What took so long for labor to see this? I pray that labor unions within the WSLC start thinking outside the box along with them.

It is time to come back to the grass roots of labor.

It is time to come to the folks who make the wheel turn every day in our country, you and I, with results and not excuses. “We the People” are the power. Let the folks running for public office, know the truth. That is: They need us. What do we need? Jobs staying here and not sent out of the country by some politician in a back room agreement, and a handful of cash. Nobody losing pensions because of corporate greed, like so many people of the past have.

It is time for us to fight, not only for today’s and tomorrow’s workers, but the ones from the past who lost so much. True, tough talk requires tough action. Are we ready yet, or have we not lost enough? Remember, there are injuries from the past that must be tended to. Never forget that.



Change has taken a turn for the worse

The year began with such hope. Change was in the air — at least in the political air of promise.

Six months later:

A limping economy needing stimulation falsely remedied by a salivating Democratic Congress as it dusted off shelved earmarks and packaged them into one political-savvy gift to contributors and constituents - pork squealing throughout the land.

Lobbyists prohibited — except those wavered to serve the administration. Cronies everywhere, Chicago politics transported to Washington, D.C.

Deficits out of sight! Proposed health care for citizens and border intruders alike, smilingly doled out by paternalistic government bureaucrats, trillions to be paid later by the tooth fairies of our grandkids.

Global entanglements fostered by Obama’s foolish apologies for our country’s “mean-spirited” past.

Wall Street bosses replaced by energy giants who exploit global warming and make their billions by inciting fear of a coming catastrophe. America’s natural resources declared off limits, indenturing the country to America-hating countries as we await the green revolution. Price controls via government ownership of industry.

Indeed our country is being transformed: Big Brother government, clouded transparency, small businesses taxed to death, capitalism threatened, skyrocketing unemployment, redistribution of wealth under way.

But do we like what we see? Perhaps the columnist was right: “Change we can believe in” really meant “Change what you believe in.”

Prepare to turn down your thermostat, squeeze into your mini-car, and check with the czars. Enjoy!



Single-payer health care is patriotic

Those who value wealth more than life purposely complicate the health care debate.

Politicians of both parties grovel before insurance and pharmaceutical companies, who have the most powerful lobbyists in Washington. Our president speaks fluently out of both sides of his mouth, so as not to offend corporate health care.

Yet the debate comes down to a simple question: Do you want to live in a community where one citizen has the right to profit from the illness and injury of another?

A sane nation regards health care as a human right, part of the right to life, and makes it a public service. My health is a personal responsibility. But health care is a community responsibility. And the healthier we are, the healthier I am.

Some condemn single-payer health insurance as costly socialized medicine. They are the same crowd who spent a trillion dollars in public funds invading and occupying Iraq. That could finance a national insurance plan.

As for socialism, our military is a vast socialist state within a state: Taxpayer funded medicine, housing, transportation, education, even shopping at the post exchange. If we use socialism to kill people overseas, why not use socialism to heal people at home?

Government is WE the people. Controlling our own health care is more democratic, more American, than letting corporate profiteers own it. If we can be patriotic about war, we can surely be patriotic about health care.



Capitol Lake is disappearing fast

The recent drawdown of Capitol Lake has resulted in strong feelings from pro-lake folks who find it aesthetically offensive. While I am still not totally decided as to the merits of the lake versus estuary issue, the low level makes one thing crystal clear: Capitol Lake is just barely a lake and indeed may be a lake in name only.

It is so silted in that it appears to be only about two-to-five feet deep throughout its entire middle basin.

Clearly, massive and costly dredging is necessary or natural processes will soon turn it from a lake into a fresh water marsh. It’s continuation as a lake will require one massive intervention.