Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 23

Estuary was a smelly mess

What can people be thinking when they support the prospect of returning Capitol Lake to an estuary?

Supposed environmental experts are worshiping a false concept. They worship nature in its original beauty – if that is what one calls smelly sun-baked mud flats in the heat of summer and flooded city streets in the heavy rainy season.

I’m old enough to have experienced both extremes before the then-governor’s wife found the smell oppressive in the Governor’s Mansion and urged her husband to do something about it!

Believe me, in this case, nature can indeed be greatly improved.

The Fifth Avenue dam is the only thing that lets us enjoy the reflection of our impressive Capitol building and also an inspiring walk around the waterway to Tumwater.

This is living proof that the people of Olympia do not profit from their former mistakes!


Baird let down his constituents

I want to express my disappointment with Rep. Brian Baird’s initial decision to cancel in-person town hall meetings in our district. I am particularly concerned that he views dissenters on his health care reform stance as “Nazis” with a “mob mentality.”

Equally insulting was his decision to hold telephone calls, for which the call-in numbers will not be publicized.

How was I supposed to participate? This only serves to muzzle rational people with reasonable questions. It’s wrong and unfair to every citizen in the 3rd Congressional District!

We are Americans and we have the absolute right to speak to our elected officials and engage in a civil and respectful debate on the issues that impact us.

I would like to know where he stands on the energy tax bill, health care reform and the bailouts. But if I disagree with him, I guess my opinion doesn’t count.

I am not a mobster. I’m a concerned citizen that would like a few moments with the person who is supposed to represent my, and other constituents’ views, not the views of other Democrats in Congress that are not elected by local voters.


Baird should not be afraid

I worked for Congresswoman Linda Smith when she represented the 3rd Congressional District. As I observe how her successor Brian Baird is behaving regarding town halls, I have to chuckle.

I managed Smith’s Olympia office. One day Baird brought a group of protestors to march around in front of our office. He is the one who organized this group.

On other occasions when we had town hall meetings, they were clearly stacked with people from the unions. They were all wearing some sort of union T-shirts. I remember one in particular in Longview. The room was hot, and packed and not many friendly faces. But she faced them and told them where she stood, and listened to them ... even though they did not agree.

I think Congressman Baird has got caught up in the Democrat rhetoric. Initially, he was not willing to face his constituents and hear their legitimate concerns about what was happening in the other Washington.

Frankly, if this is too scary for him, maybe it is time he retires. BE A MAN!

These people are not dangerous, they are upset and they have every right to expect that their member of Congress will listen to them.


New version of comedy program debuts

From 1942 to 1951 there was a popular comedy radio program called “It Pays to Be Ignorant.” We’re now preparing to launch a new version on local community television.

One panelist will spout facts to show that global warming is all a lie. He will be backed up by a trio of pseudoscientists made up like the Marx Brothers. They will occasionally burst into a song-anddance routine.

A second panelist will crack jokes about health care and warn everyone that if we tamper with the current system, we will all die or end up in poverty. He will be a barrel of laughs.

vAs our celebrity panelist, we are hoping to get Sarah Palin. Sarah, in her charmingly kooky way, will spout whatever thoughts come into her pretty little head. Now and then, she will shoot a wolf or a liberal, just to exercise her gun rights.

The show will be underwritten by a coalition of local conservatives, your source for charmingly kooky misinformation since at least 1890.


Lake reflects magnificent architecture

We trust that the State Capitol Committee, made up of the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and public lands commissioner, was able to take a look at the recent drawdown of Capitol Lake and take in the devastating effect it had on the aesthetics of the Capitol Campus.

Should Capitol Lake not be saved and be turned into a tidal estuary, that will be the look of the campus half of the time.

Instead of the “City Beautiful” plans of Wilder and White and the Olmsteds, we will return to the “City Ugly.”

No wonder the original plans called for a 24/7 lake to reflect the magnificent architecture on the Capitol bluff.

We are hopeful that the Senate’s 36-10 overwhelming vote on retaining the 35-foot height limit on the isthmus in order to preserve the aesthetic and historic design principles of the Campus foreshadows the Legislature’s ultimate decision to preserve Capitol Lake.

Retention of the views across the isthmus and preservation of Capitol Lake go hand-in-glove in order to keep our state capital city the most beautiful in the nation.