Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 1

Rep. Dicks disconnected

Recently I attended a function where Rep. Norm Dicks spoke on what was going on in Washington, D.C. as it pertained to the 6th Congressional District. Rep. Dicks then opened the meeting to questions.

I asked him the following question regarding health care and health coverage reform. “I believe our health care should be personalized not nationalized, but in light of the proposed changes to health care, why did Congress not do something about medical lawsuit abuse?”

His answer floored me, especially in light of the passion at recent town hall meetings. Rep. Dicks said: I think they did not put this issue in the various bills because it is so controversial.

They thought changing our health care system to a single payer system would pass muster without comment but medical lawsuit abuse would be controversial? How disconnected has Congress become?

It is not just Rep. Dicks. Mainstream Democrats have allowed MoveOn.Org and ACORN to take over their party and conservative Republicans have allowed RINO Republicans to take over their party.

In 2010, both parties must do something about this disconnect between the people and their public servants in both the state and national legislatures.



State has ruined WWII memorial

What is that song — “Here we go again”?

First we spend good money to build a beautiful monument to honor those who served in World War II. In 10 years it is ruined because of power washing.

I bet if someone would have contacted the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars they would take on the job of keeping the monument up and would not ruined it.

My great-grandfather’s name is on the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg and it is as clear as the day it was put there in early 1938. My uncles’ names are clear as can be on the WWI monument in Vernal, Utah, and that was dedicated in 1925.

Maybe we should commission another $400,000 study to see if it would be efficient to have the names engraved again.

How about a half-million-dollar study to address efficiency in state government?



More details needed on health care

It’s no wonder youth are afraid or unwilling to get involved in the political process. In school we learn that we are the government and are a central part to it.

Yet it seems legislation and policies move whether we join in the conversation or not.

The current health care debate has left many of us with more questions than answers. Very few are interested in finding or explaining details of exactly what the House version of the health care reform bill will actually do. I found it frustrating to only find rhetoric as I searched for the components or summary of the bill.

The media seems only focused on the angry mobs at town halls and Congress members who find themselves caught off guard.

Special interest groups only want to win with their message about the proposed reform. When will we find out exactly what is planned for the health care of our nation?

When will we hear about other ideas for health care reform?

There’s no doubt the current system could be improved. The costs are too high and getting insurance is inconvenient, especially when you are young and change jobs often.

Youth ages 18-34 are the largest group of uninsured in our state.

We have an important place in this debate.

More details and less rhetoric would be appreciated so we could make an informed decision about the direction our country takes in health care.


Chairwoman, Thurston County Young Republicans

Firefighters want to hear from constituents

I’m a firefighter with Lacey Fire District 3, and I’d like to thank the community of Lacey and the district residents we serve for their questions, comments and input at some of our most recent public outreach events.

We were recently at a block party near Home Depot and we were able to show off a fire engine and cool the kids off at the Edgewater Homeowner’s picnic.

We participated in a kids’ carnival with the South Sound Reading Foundation and we had a booth at the Thurston County Fair, to name only a few.

The citizens we encounter are truly thoughtful in their questions and comments, and I want to make sure they know how much we appreciate the opportunity to talk with them about the issues that affect us all in Lacey.

We are often seen during the day when we are not running calls conducting training, performing building inspections, learning about new construction in our response areas, performing public education assignments and occasionally recharging with a fresh cup of coffee!

We are your fire department and are constantly looking for ways to revise and improve our service.

Please continue to approach us, ask us about your fire service, and let us know how we can better serve you.