Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 2

Stand up to those who would ruin nation

America was born the light of the world. Our founding fathers could have chosen to take the road to dependence on foreign leadership and lived enslaved to the wishes of those in power on foreign shores. Instead, our forefathers chose independence, liberty and freedom and look what gifts were given us!

Now, in present day America, we have chosen a man to be our president, Barack Obama, who in eight short months, along with Congress, has taken this once great nation to the doorstep of bankruptcy, financial enslavement of present and future generations, and dependence on the whims of foreign powers.

Again, wake up America! Socialism, totalitarianism and tyranny are the way and intent of the majority of our present government. Many of those we have chosen to be our representatives in governing this nation are blind to the reality of our present circumstances. They do not see or will not admit the intent of Barack Obama, his cabinet, czars, cohorts and henchmen, to destroy this once great free Republic and the Constitution.

Will we all just sit idly by and watch Barack Obama and the majority of our elected representatives systematically dismantle our infrastructure — our financial affairs, industrial capacity, judicial rule, energy policies, health care, education, etc.? Or will we stand as a proud, free nation demanding no more betrayal or treason against our Constitution or the intent of our founding fathers? Pray let us stand as a free people, while we still can, and do our sacred duty.



Buxbaum has solid experience

Because of his experience, one person stands out among the candidates for Olympia City Council Position 5. Stephen Buxbaum has extensive experience actually building affordable housing, financing public facilities projects and helping small businesses throughout Washington state create and retain jobs in their own communities.

Buxbaum has managed some of this state’s largest and most successful grant and loan programs, including the Housing Trust Fund. He has been a leader in helping to advise on and shape legislation such as the Homelessness Housing Assistance Act of 2005, which created a dedicated resource addressing the needs of Washington’s homeless.

He currently is a management consultant for clients that have included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Common Ground of Washington. He also teaches part time in Evergreen’s Masters of Public Administration program — drawing on his diverse background of professional work in the private, public and non-profit sectors to teach students how to manage effectively.

Buxbaum has been a dedicated volunteer with organizations that are important and dear to our community. Currently he serves on the board of the Dispute Resolution Center and is a long time volunteer and advocate for Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) which provides life and job skills to low-income teens.

Stephen Buxbaum’s experience and dedication to this community make him the best choice for Olympia City Council Position 5. Let’s go for experience — vote for Stephen Buxbaum.



Don’t disrupt lives of the disabled

An Olympia consulting firm is studying the costs of operating state prisons and social services, with downsizing or closure of some facilities in mind. Social services include centers for people with developmental disabilities. Having a severely autistic stepson who has spent most of his life in a state-operated home, I am deeply concerned.

The five state-run homes in Washington already have waiting lists. To eliminate 250 beds from these homes, as suggested, is to create a crisis.

Put the disabled in group homes? Few if any could provide safe, 24-hour care for the needy persons who require management of medications and the therapies suited to their needs.

Also, because the developmentally disabled population includes persons with severe autism and mental retardation, it would be extremely traumatic for those who already live in these homes to be moved from the familiar to the unfamiliar.

We must not have a repeat of what happened with the downsizing of the Fircrest School in December 2003. Family members stood pleading and weeping at the door as their loved ones were involuntarily removed (some in wheelchairs) to other locations. A lawsuit brought against DSHS in the King County Superior Court documents the extreme deterioration of those who were moved.

As a parent, I stand at this “door” pleading for our legislators to consider the human element, and do nothing that would cause such trauma to our disabled community and their loved ones.



Olympia police deserve credit

I commend the entire Olympia Police Department on the professional resolution of the Leonard Burkett incident at St. Peter Hospital.

The officers’ actions clearly showed how fortunate the citizens of Olympia are to have such men and women who are willing to lay their lives on the line each day they assume patrol duties.

Were it not for them, the Burketts of this world would be able to harm or kill anyone they choose. Often times it is the officer or citizen that is killed while the killer walks away.

I am equally pleased that the officer was not harmed and that no medical personnel at the hospital were injured.