Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 11

Let go of fear, risk a little trust

Be afraid! If there isn’t an enemy, make one. Don’t trust anyone but yourself.

James Hillman, in his book “Blue Fire” has a chapter on betrayal. He writes that when betrayed we are tempted to respond in ways that are dead ends. He names these choices: revenge, denial, cynicism, self betrayal and paranoia.

After betrayals by our politicians, our business leaders and even our church leaders, we seem afraid to risk trusting.

Revenge simply seeks justice and a balance of power. Denial opts out and says it doesn’t matter. Cynicism lumps all the “bad guys” together, points fingers, paralyzing us from taking responsibility. Self betrayal is close behind saying, “I made a bad decision in choosing this. I can’t make good decisions.”

So I dumb down and tune out, or become a bully and out-shout everyone.

Paranoia puts up such high expectations that no one could ever meet them.

The search for a political savior is a good example. No one alone can meet all our expectations. Good communities work things out by listening with an openness for the common good.

Work for justice. Look for the good. Take personal responsibility. Let yourself be a human being who makes mistakes and learns from them.

See others the same way. Listen with an open mind. Hold your own opinion lightly. Do be attentive and involved, but let go of fear and risk a little trust.

That, in my book, would be real national recovery.


Mercury-laden fillings are a concern

The year is 1791. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies an early death of mercury poisoning and complications of infections. Even then any pathologist in Vienna was familiar with the severe grayish discoloration of certain organs in those who died from mercury toxicity.

Yet we still are not being given the truth about mercury being the second most poisonous substance on the planet. It is a potent neurotoxin and cripples the immune system. It alone can mimic or cause any illness currently known, or contribute to it. It seems to be more important to protect leaders’ greed and an industry — an industry that is slowly poisoning us minute-by-minute, year-by-year.

The public agencies whose purpose it is to protect the health of the public are not doing so. Conflict of interest, and payoffs are rampant and unchecked.

Take the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. First they say mercury has toxic effects; now recently they say amalgam dental fillings are safe.

Do you know that those silver fillings in your mouth are really 50 percent mercury? And that this mercury constantly leaves the unsafe fillings to travel to other places in the body and even outside the body as mercury vapor in the breath?

Do you know that Thimerisol in many vaccines is really mercury? A poison by any name is still a poison. If we want the truth, we must search for ourselves and protect our own health.


Obama cleaning up Bush’s mess

In his front page article titled “Anger toward Obama, government isn’t just about health care,” Steven Thomma presupposes an understanding of what Americans are angry about.

First of all, the great majority of Americans are thrilled about health care reform. I am among them. I have a family member with Tourette’s Syndrome, and many family members battling diabetes. We couldn’t be happier about the seriously needed health care reform proposed by the Obama administration.

Secondly, Thomma lumps together all the horrible mistakes of the Bush administration with constructive events taking place in the Obama administration.

Do the people of Washington state look stupid to Thomma?

I think we are able to discern between events bungled by the Bush administration and the well-thought-out path of the Obama administration.

He cites “a government that led (this country) into an unpopular war, proved itself inept at helping its citizens in a disastrous hurricane, presided over a historic economic collapse ...”

Those events were all caused by the greed and stupidity of the Bush administration and its Wall Street pals.

Get real. Forget some imaginary Republican sweep. Let’s concentrate on the Democratic sweep up of the Bush administration’s mess.


Be very afraid of Obama

President Barack Obama has been revealed for the all-consuming, power-driven narcissist that he really is.

Americans of every age, color, creed and religion are starting to wake up and ask themselves “What the @!#* have we done?” by electing this unknown, inexperienced man. He’s always had an agenda, it’s just not ours. A wolf in sheep’s clothing as I like to say.

Democrats worry that having Republicans in office means a crackdown on free speech or civil liberties on law-abiding citizens. Nothing the Republicans have ever done comes close to what’s now happening in this country.

There is a bill in Congress that would grant the president emergency powers to seize the Internet by declaring a cybersecurity emergency.

ABC and other major networks are banning ads that tell Americans the real truth about Obamacare.

It’s called free speech, but what we’re getting is censorship in the most frightening manner possible. The Obama administration doesn’t want us to know what the health care bill is really all about (since none of them have read it anyway).

I know I’m worried. I also vote and I can’t wait for the 2010 and 2012 elections to roll around. God help us until then.