Letters to the Editor

Lettters to the Editor for Sept. 18

Tax dollars wasted on Democrats’ feud

I hope all citizens and taxpayers of the county are enjoying the intramural firefight between the elected Democrats, at the citizens’ expense of course.

Yes, the county commissioners and the sheriff are using your money to have an argument. Of course as good Democrats that has be settled with your tax dollars.

Nope, can’t use that money for parks, after-school programs or budget gaps. They have better uses.

What’s it about? Who cares, just sit back and enjoy the show. You’re paying for it!


Davis’ working class roots are a plus

In a race with two qualified candidates, I’m proud to support Jeff Davis for the Olympia Port Commission.

In a community devastated — through at least June 2011 — by state budget cuts I opposed, the port offers the chance for some economic vitality.

It’s seen its share of past setbacks, such as the doomed Sunmar venture a decade ago, yet it has objectively been making progress in the past couple of years.

Jeff Davis is the best person to carry forward both the port’s vital responsibility for South Sound environmental stewardship and its mission to create jobs. He’s a great progressive, with a wonderful family, and his background as a longshoreman will give him insight into port operations.

In his professional work, Davis has been a leading voice in organized labor on the need to reform trade policies to reduce incentives for companies to move production to countries with low wages and weak environmental protection. Those are values I hold too.

Yet, in a tone reflective of the anti-labor 2009 legislative session, I’ve seen some attack Davis for his working class background. The many unions supporting Davis are characterized as sinister “special interests” for their audacity in supporting a candidate who will work to preserve, and expand, family-wage jobs at the port.

I’ll agree that unions and the working families they represent are special. Frankly, in any situation where they’re attacked I know which side I’ll be on. That’s why I’m joining them in supporting Jeff Davis for port commissioner.

REP. BRENDAN WILLIAMS, D-Olympia, 22nd District

Beautiful estuaries have great value

For those who fear the worst if Capitol Lake is removed, it might be reassuring to learn that the reason the estuary smelled at low tide was because raw sewage flowed into it, which is no longer the case.

I urge people to go to Luhr Beach and spend some time at the Nisqually estuary. At high tide, the estuary looks like a beautiful lake with seals, otters, ducks, kayakers, and boaters. At low tide, it is far from a stinky eyesore.

The tidal flats do not smell and they are teeming with life — herons, eagles, cormorants, ducks, and many other birds that dive and hunt for fish and vegetation at low tide. McAllister Creek flows through the mudflats on one side, the Nisqually River on the other.

Does anyone remember when the Nisqually estuary was in danger of becoming an industrial port? It is now one of the most pristine environments in all of Puget Sound.

I volunteer at the Nisqually Reach Nature Center at Luhr Beach, and I encourage people to visit and learn about the value and beauty of estuaries.

Rather than seeing an artificial and often unsightly lake (has anyone noticed the trash along the shores of Capitol Lake, or the mats of algae?), we will enjoy the ebb and flow of the tides, abundant wildlife, and the healthy environment created by a river freely flowing into saltwater: in other words, nature at its best.


Referendum 71 is all about fairness

I have been a lifetime Washingtonian. Though I have traveled the world, this is the state my family has called home since the 1850s.

I am a conservative. I work hard and believe everyone should work and earn their way. I have a strong belief in God and enjoy a country that provides freedom for our religious beliefs.

I believe in family as the most important part of our lives; we must be there for our children and their children. I have supported my country in good times and bad — spending more than a year in Iraq and supporting recovery here in the U.S. in time of floods and hurricanes. My partner is not covered while I am gone, and if something happens to me, I worry about my family.

I have been overjoyed by the few protections we have gotten in the past few years. I was humbled by the state’s expansion of the rights and sadden by those that see it as a threat to their families.

Please join me and my family in approving Referendum 71.

It shows the respect and love of all families that this great state has for everyone. It is the spirit of Washington. We don’t have to share the same beliefs, but we should all support the liberty that this great country provides to all and extend that fairness to all of Washington’s families.

Approve fairness to all — approve Referendum 71.