Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 19

Decision was a slap in the face

With great anticipation I have been awaiting the coming of a dog park to Olympia. After all, most dog-friendly cities have one.

I have been driving to Lakewood and supporting Lakewood businesses on my trips.

The recent headline about a dog park approved on nonviable commercial land was a slap in the face. Obviously the dog owners have no say in the matter what their pets (children) have to be exposed to at the old landfill site.

Would parents allow a playground built on this nonviable land? I think not.

Before the county wastes our money, they ought to get some public opinion. I, for one, love my animals and am forced to keep them on a leash. Some parents ought to do the same.


Public safety is a priority

Every time we turn around the cities, townships and villages of Washington state want to waste more money on public art. Roundabouts are being decorated with these visual driving distractions. Street corners are cluttered and buildings are adorned with public art.

All this money could be spent more wisely elsewhere, i.e. sidewalks, police and fire protection or other public safety programs.

I thought the public had raised this question during the Olympia bubble war, but I guess our elected officials didn’t either hear or care about the people who placed them in office. Enough is enough!

During these hard economic times or any other time, let’s stick to the realization of what is in the best interests of the people — their safety!


Dissent is only for the left

I can’t let Lucius Daye’s hypocritical and untruthful comments in his column “Town Hall disruptions part of GOP’s despicable assault on Obama” go unchallenged.

There is so much misinformation in that piece it is hard to know where to start but for brevity sake, I’ll select just a few of his points.

He asserts that the Republican side played the race card. This childish notion is getting tiring, and too bad it is the excuse given every time for failure.

No one, except the left, has even mentioned race, yet they continue to beat us to death with this nonsense.

The opposition to Obama is not his race but his ideology. He further says that FOX News trumps up the importance of the people rejecting these terrible ideas. Every major poll taken of late has indicated the American people are overwhelmingly against this health care reform as proposed.

Daye asserts that all of this fuss is “nothing more than corporate organization with GOP backing.”

Sorry to inform Daye that these are hard-working, taxpaying Americans that are fed up with this unprecedented federal government power grab. Apparently the demonstration prior to Rep. Brian Baird’s Olympia town hall by moveon.org and the unions is OK but regular Americans have no such rights.

Dissent is only for the left.

In closing, Daye quoted Mark Twain and proves him spot on.