Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 21

Davis financed by outsiders

What is going on with the longshoremen’s union and the Port of Olympia race?

Maritime interests in Longview, Vancouver, Portland and Everett have donated thousands of dollars to Jeff Davis’ campaign.

More than 80 percent of the campaign contributions received by Davis are from maritime industry people and companies from out of town.

Are they planning to take over our little port?

I don’t like big out-of-town money in my local elections.

I’m voting for Dave Peeler. He has lived here for 25 years, and been an active part of the community. He’s just retired after 33 years with the state and has both the management skill and the time to do a good job for US, the people of Thurston County.

Vote “no” on big out-of-town campaign contributions for Jeff Davis.

I say KEEP IT LOCAL. Vote “yes” for Dave Peeler for the port.

ANNE BUCK, Olympia

People could get stuck in the mud

Anyone trying to decide between a lake and an estuary for Capitol Lake should have gotten a good preview of the estuary — mud flats — during Lakefair this year.

The argument that the lake will never be clean doesn’t really matter since we aren’t going to drink out of it anyway and at least as a lake it looks good and has some use for marine activities.

As an estuary, it will look like mud and probably will smell and be of no recreational use and might even be potentially dangerous if someone tries to walk on it and gets stuck.

There’s a great debate going on now about building on the isthmus and how views from the Capitol will be affected.

I’d say a lake is going to look much better from up there than acres of mud.

I’m sure the commission that studied these options spent lots of time on the scientific data, but we aren’t talking about some remote wilderness area that won’t be noticed.

This is the focal point of the downtown area by Heritage Park, and should remain a lake.


Obama is Kenyan, send illegals home

There are six or seven subjects I would like to address:

I still cannot believe that President Barack Obama was elected. He is surrounded by incompetent, left-wing extremists who give him poor advice. Also, I think he was born in Kenya.

Illegal immigrants are sapping our country of billions of dollars each year.

We do not need amnesty. Send illegals home.

Sure we need health care reform. Two good places to start are tort reform and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Truth be told, there are only approximately 5 million legal Americans who are uninsured.

Global warming, especially man-made, is a farce. Cap and trade legislation will help ruin our economy.

Trillion dollars deficits are killing us! An American family could not survive long with a budget similar to our federal monstrosity. Wake up, America, and insist that our representatives budget and spend our taxpayer dollars prudently.

I believe that environmental extremists are helping ruin America’s economy.

With the not-in-my-backyard mentality of most environmentalists, the U.S. cannot build nuclear power plants, drill for oil and natural gas where feasible, establish more wind and solar energy etc. America could be oil independent fairly soon.

Only Norway and Canada are democratic nations who could control oil. All the rest are dictators or despots who have America by the throat. T. Boone Pickens has the correct solutions.


A sleeping giant has been awakened

The viewpoint columnist Lucius Daye expresses in his Other Views column in The Olympian on Sept. 4, is a sad commentary on the masses in this wonderful nation who are fed up with the current administration.

Sorry to say that Daye has bought into the administration’s party line, and he has labeled those of us who disagree with it as an organized fringe, or racists, full of fear and hatred.

Daye, with all due respect, must pay better attention because there is a plethora of us out there who do not listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. We are moderates, liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and independents, and we think for ourselves.

We are not part of any organized bullying lobby, rather we are fed up with the current administration and the policies that are taking this country in the wrong direction.

We don’t care whether our leader is black, white, green, pink or purple.

What we want is a leader. Clearly this country does not have one.

Again I say, listen up, and watch, because a sleeping giant has been awakened in this country, and come election time you will know that we are legion.