Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 24

Commissioners should butt out

I’ve watched and read the ongoing actions between the Thurston County commissioners and Dan Kimball, Thurston County sheriff.

The commissioners are like the executive board of a corporation. They determine the operating budgets, staff hiring and, in some cases, layoffs, then set a broad policy. It is up to the department heads, in this case Sheriff Kimball, to determine the best way to accomplish this as HE is the subject matter expert at the sheriff’s department.

It is not, nor should it not be, the position of the commissioners to micro-manage ANY department. If the commissioners are intent on managing any department down to the level of individual staffing, then it is time to fire ALL department heads and let the commissioners take all RESPONSIBILITY for the operations of that department.

Shame on the Thurston County commissioners for attempting to run a department for which they are not qualified to operate.

KUDOS to Sheriff Kimball for standing his ground.



State should deny Capital’s request

I can’t imagine why the state Department of Health would approve a second angioplasty program at Capital Medical Center when it would take money away from much-needed charity care programs at Providence St. Peter Hospital.

I also don’t see any reason to drive up health care costs by approving a second heart service in Olympia. St. Peter already provides excellent care and has the ability to take more patients. A second service seems particularly wasteful, especially when our economy is so weak and health care spending is such a huge problem.

The purpose of state regulation is to protect the interests of the public.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to just say no to excessive and unneeded health care spending, especially when it would hamper the efforts of Providence to take care of uninsured patients.



Obama leading country astray

I’m scared! Scared for myself, for my family, for my grandchildren, for my country!

I want to believe that everything will change – change for the better. But the clouds seem to be getting darker.

First, there was Obama’s 20 years spent under the preaching-tutelage of the America-hating, white-accusing Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s affiliation with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Then came a growing awareness of Obama’s involvement as a Chicago community organizer promoting redistribution of wealth and social realignment. When I learned that Obama was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a Communist agitator/revolutionary and had taught the principles of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, my hackles went up. Still, Obama’s rhetoric wooed the crowds with his mantra of hope and change – words echoing those that Alinsky-schooled organizers were taught to use to seduce the uninformed into blind adherence.

Almost immediately his policies seemed bizarre: Spending outrageously to get us out of debt! Insisting on legislation without giving anyone time to study the impact of the proposals! Foolishly apologizing to the world for America’s presumed insensitivity and imperialistic ventures.

And among Obama’s personally picked motley crew of czars was Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist, signator of the document suggesting that the Bush administration was complicit in the attack on 9/11, an agitator accusing whites of poisoning blacks. Another czar believes human beings have no more innate worth than do rodents. Still another justifies compulsory abortion for population control. Scary!

The clouds have gathered and I fear for the future of America.



Congress must change health care system

We need to get health care reform passed this year.

Congress should vote yes on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act when it comes to a vote in the House of Representatives.

We need affordable health care with a strong public option.

We need it now!



Whose morality will be enforced?

President Obama has now clearly made passage of his health care policies a moral issue. The Olympian editors agree.

This can be a dangerous position. It invites questions about the morality of the implementation. Is it moral to tax one group of people to pay for the benefit of another? Is it moral for government to compete with private industry using it’s special advantages of no concern for profit, forced extraction of costs from competitors (taxes), forced imposition of regulatory standards on competitors, and forced purchase of it’s product by customers?

It must be remembered that government does not operate in the free market. It’s laws and regulations are imposed by force. It’s taxes are extracted by force. It’s monopoly in a geographic area is imposed by force.

All government is based on force irrespective of whether it is a democracy, a republic, an oligarchy, or a dictatorship. Once one accepts that government should impose morality, the only questions left are what morality, who determines it, and who imposes it. Do not think for one moment that the answer is you.