Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 25

Pratt superior to Burgman

Three seats will need our votes in November for the Lacey City Council, one of which is the seat held by Ann Burgman, and being challenged by Cynthia Pratt.

I have long been disappointed with Burgman. She consistently votes and speaks without researching or understanding the issues. I was especially disappointed by her uninformed comments at the recent Panorama City candidate’s discussion.

The issues are sometimes complex, but there are always people willing to provide answers and communicate openly. An elected official can guarantee an uninformed decision by avoiding information and input from us — and when I say us, I don’t mean myself and other firefighters. I mean U.S. — the public, the citizens, Lacey residents.

I was truly impressed with Cynthia Pratt. She asked to join our crew on a ride-along to more fully understand the wide range of services that we provide to the citizens of Lacey. She is extremely thorough in her questions about the fire and emergency services and about public safety in general, and I believe that she represents a great balance between government and the public.

In November, we have the chance to vote for a better City Council. Cynthia Pratt will be the clear choice for me, and I’m confident that when you compare her positions on the issues, her understanding of the issues, and her love for this city, you will agree that she is the right choice for Lacey.


Beehler will be a voice for fairness


I am responding to the editorial regarding the dispute between the Thurston County commissioners and the sheriff. I would like to offer a suggestion.

Vote for Pat Beehler, District 3 commission candidate.

I believe he will bring a voice of reason and fairness to the Thurston County Commission — two things that are missing from the present commissioners. They are and have been an embarrassment to the county since last January with their disregard for the money problems faced by the county at that time and continuing until now.

So again, please vote for Pat Beehler and bring fiscal responsibility back to the county.

Don't waste money on a dog park

I wonder how everyone feels knowing we have so much money in our county that we can afford to squander $200,000 on six acres of land for a doggie park.

The county commissioners state this has been under discussion for some time. Well it is the first time I have heard of it? So my question is why wasn’t the money spent to aid worthwhile projects such as homeless centers, food banks, Safeplace and other organizations that need extra funds.

This money belongs to county taxpayers and I’m sure most of us will agree that the money can be better used for other programs through out our county rather than $200,000 for a doggie park.

I hope the taxpayers will voice their opposition to the frivolous spending of such a large amount of money.


Make a statement about abortion

I don’t often have a reason to travel on Legion Way near the Planned Parenthood offices, but I drove by recently while anti-choice protesters were there with their graphic displays.

Now, I believe that no one really is in favor of abortion. Those of us who favor reproductive freedom and choice for women are supporting access to safe and legal abortion instead of the way it used to be: back-alley and illegal.

Ironically for the protesters, after passing them, I turned my car around, marched right into the Planned Parenthood office and gave them a big fat donation check.

If every other person who supports a woman’s right to choose will do the same, the anti-choice protesters will have had a positive effect on reproductive freedom for all.

I love that!


Beehler will bring balance to county

Effective management of the county budget is critical.

Thurston County is in need of fiscally responsible leadership. Pat Beehler has the experience and capabilities to work collectively with the public as well as the other commissioners to balance the budget and promote sensible development and economic growth throughout the county.

It is imperative that the county’s overhead costs are closely analyzed to ensure that money is spent according to the importance of the long-term impact of those funds.

Beehler’s platform on how the county should be run is basic, sound, and effective.

I have had the pleasure of working with Beehler and have witnessed his ability to work with his peers cooperatively. As far as I am concerned, Beehler is the only qualified candidate for Thurston County commissioner.

This is a countywide race now, and it’s up to each of us elect the best person to get the job done. The time for fiscally responsible government is now, and Pat Beehler is the leader that will bring economic balance and growth to our community.