Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 27

Sacking announcer was wrong

What a great win by the Huskies over Southern California. It was just the kind of football game you like to see.

The kids played their hearts out and left it all out on the field. Too bad my experience was ruined by the obvious bias exhibited by the announcer.

This PAC 10 rivalry between the Huskies and Trojans has gone on for years and as the players on the field were doing their best to represent their schools some yahoo announcing for the Huskies was doing his job with passion and enthusiasm. I really wish the Huskies could find someone to announce who would just state the players’ names and numbers in a monotone voice that we could all just ignore while we watch the game.

How are we ever going to expect that the Bears and Cougars, um, I mean the Huskies and Trojans get along if we have people who show their loyalty to one team or the other?

Among many good things the Olympia School District does, “sacking” announcer Eric Rowe just goes to show that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


Sportsmanship is a two-way street

It was funny reading the sports pages recently.

One day, parents of the Capital football team complained about bias from the Olympia announcer, and he was asked by the district superintendent to step down.

The next day, the Capital football team routs Port Angeles 60-7, running up the score by allowing their starting running back to stay in the game long enough to score six touchdowns.

Sportsmanship is a two-way street.

Capital parents: Are you going to complain about the level of sportsmanship and respect shown to Port Angeles by your coach like you complained about the level of sportsmanship and respect shown to your team by the Olympia announcer? Or are you hypocritical, complaining when things don’t work out for you but having no problem when they do?

Capital coach: If you can’t show class and respect to your opponent and insist on running up the score, take your pursuit of personal glory somewhere else. There are more important things to teach your players about than just winning.

District superintendent: Disrespecting your opponent by running up the score is a trait our community does not want to be known for. I suggest you explain that to the Capital coach.


Comparing Obama to Hitler

A recent Olympian article by Leonard Pitts, columnist for the Miami Herald, strongly objected to comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was a skilled schemer, politician, organizer. Obama definitely exercises the same skill levels.

Hitler acquired his following through his ability to arouse street crowds with his speeches. Obama, with his teleprompter, accomplishes the same.

Hitler and Obama began their political careers with small groups; Hitler with the German Workers Party, later becoming fuhrer (leader) of the Nazi Party. Obama, with the infamous political group ACORN, as a community organizer and now a U.S. president.

Hitler organized his private army of hoodlums known as storm troopers and later the SS or Schutzstaffel. Obama has expressed his demand for a civilian youth corps equal to our military. Kindergartners next? Why?

Hitler involved himself strongly in labor unions, business, industry, agriculture. Why? Obama destroys our infrastructure, demanding government intrusion into our financial world, industrial capacity, labor unions, energy, health care, education, communications. Why? Obama is making fools of us all.

For every “why” the answer: Conquest, power, control, mind manipulation — socialism. Hitler demanded a strong socialistic central government. Obama, demanding the same, is still in the process of implementing his socialistic master plan for America. Where will it end?

History will judge.

Hitler in hating Jewish people became a racist monster, spreading death as no man before.

All true Americans, blessed by our Constitution, freedom and liberty, absolutely must keep this nation a free republic, for our children and future generations.


Bonuses for government works are wrong

As a World War II veteran, I strongly object to the practice of superior officers in any government office awarding bonuses to their assistants, as was recently reported in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

After 21 months of conscientious service in the U.S. Army, 3rd Infantry Regiment, Berlin, 1945-1947, the only bonus I was given was an extension of $35 weekly unemployment compensation for six weeks.

In 1996, I paid back every penny of an error made by the VA in a $200 monthly pension.

It appears to me that any increase in salaries paid to personnel to “fulfill a need to retain long time VA executives” should be submitted to the appropriate congressional committee.