Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sept. 30

Conspiracy theories abound

Have you heard the latest right-wing conspiracy theories, guaranteed to spiff up Glenn Beck’s ratings, and give Sarah Palin something to twitter about?

Now that Democrats control the government, they have removed all the Bible quotes from the U.S. Constitution.

If you play Obama’s oath of office in reverse, you can distinctly hear him say, “I pledge to abolish football. Then I will abolish Texas.”

When you put tin foil on your head, you can hear secret conversations between Rahm Emmanuel and Satan.

Infra-red night-vision photos reveal hoards of illegal aliens streaming from a tunnel dug by public school children in Michelle Obama’s White House garden.

Under Obamacare, the government will use swine-flu vaccine to inject gay genes into Republican kids so they’ll never feel like reproducing.

The Federal Reserve has printed billions of worthless dollar bills, replacing the portrait of General Washington with Obama’s favorite foreign pacifist, Gandhi. The face on the five dollar bill will be Barbra Streisand.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are the biblical monsters, Gog and Magog. Know why the liberal media never shows them from the knees down? Cloven hooves.

The White House destroyed Barack Obama’s birth certificate to conceal the identity of his real father, America’s first black president, Bill Clinton.

President Obama will end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, using over a trillion dollars in savings to fund affordable public health insurance for every American who wants it.

Yeah, I know, that last one is WAY too far-fetched.

FRED LAMOTTE, Steilacoom

Ron Lawson is right person for the job

When we elect our City Council in Lacey, we are hiring someone to do a job. The campaign is the interview, and the election is the selection process.

Would you hire someone to handle your business without meeting them, reading their résumé or asking them questions about their intentions? Why would you elect someone without doing the research?

I’ve done the research and I’m appalled at what is happening at Lacey City Hall. The City Council needs a change in a big way – and Mayor Graeme Sackrison is at the helm of this community, taking Lacey in the wrong direction.

The sheer lack of long-term planning, basic understanding of the city and communication with the people is enough to get me looking for a replacement for Sackrison’s job. And I’ve found the right man with Ron Lawson.

Lawson not only understands the issues, he understands the concept of service to the community.

He isn’t running for the City Council because he wants the power of the seat. He’s extraordinarily genuine in his desire to serve the community he’s a part of.

He wants the JOB — not the title. I’ve looked thoroughly at both candidates for this position, and it’s obvious who will do a better job. I’d ask you to hire Ron Lawson in November.


Nation proved it can move in new direction

Vote APPROVE on Referendum 71 to retain Washington’s already granted domestic partnership benefits.

This law allows gay, lesbian and heterosexual partners all civil rights of partnership. It is a matter of social justice and moral equity to do so. People of good conscience will vote “yes” with you.

History records other fights for social rights that took long hard battles. Lives were lost and hatred raged. Often God was used as a proponent of the status quo.

Slavery ended even though the proponents said that God ordained it and the economy of the country would crash without it.

Women gained the right of an education in the U.S. when in 1833 Oberlin College was the first university to accept them. The Bible-thumpers swore at them and said it was a sin. Men said they were not capable of an education. They were all wrong.

Child labor came to its demise nationally in 1938. Lots of children died the previous 150 years – victims of the industrial revolution! The economy did not collapse.

In 1848 women began the battle to vote. Women died, were beaten, and imprisoned but they got the vote in 1919.

Now gay and lesbian people are in their march to gain the rights guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They too have died, lost jobs, and the acceptance of parents and friends.

It’s time to support them, and be on the right side of history. APPROVE 71.


Epitome of arrogance hits mental hospital

For want of a better term I call it the “epitome of arrogance syndrome” and it appears to have manifested in a large way at a Medical Lake mental hospital recently.

The hands-on caregivers tried to inform those in power that the program was failing. They chose to ignore the message and a dangerous situation occurred when a criminally insane killer was sent out for a day at the fair.

That arrogant decision put the entire community at risk. Of course he escaped.

Sending 11 guards to accompany 30 mental patients is, by my definition, insanity and criminal.

Someone needs to check the mental competence of the decision-makers at Medical Lake.