Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 6

Davis brings solid leadership skills

Jeff Davis is the right person at the right time! He brings the real-world professional experience we need on the Port of Olympia’s commission.

I heard Davis speak recently and am so impressed with how committed he is to making the Port of Olympia a model port.

That includes strong economic accountability, environmental stewardship and fostering the port’s major role in developing jobs, open spaces, public access and mixed-use options.

Jeff Davis understands the environmental and economic issues and opportunities that Washington’s public ports are facing. He serves as legislative director for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union for the state of Washington. Davis has been working on transportation, environmental and labor issues for the past eight years, including fighting to keep funding for a tug escort program that protects our coastlines from potential oil spill.

I was particularly impressed by his work with port authorities throughout Washington and the West Coast to improve air quality at port operations. I think you will be impressed with the leadership and working knowledge he brings to this vital public position in Thurston County.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Davis as our next port commissioner.


Kingsbury well suited for City Council

I am supporting Jeff Kingsbury’s re-election. During the time we served together on the Olympia City Council, I very much appreciated Kingsbury’s dedication, courage, independent thinking, grasp of complex issues, and service commitment.

Even before then I admired Kingsbury for his very visible and courageous advocacy for equal rights across our state, for his leadership as president of the Olympia Downtown Association, and for his tireless support of the arts and our community.

Kingsbury now has four years’ experience under his belt, which quickly taught him that there are no simple answers to many of today’s policy questions, but that they all boil down finally to “yes” or “no” votes in council. Newcomers to political life have the luxury of choosing one or two of an incumbent’s votes to campaign against, while otherwise doing their best to avoid controversy.

I think Jeff Kingsbury is the candidate best qualified in his race and will proudly cast my vote for him in November’s general election.


Support park fee when renewing license

I just wanted to speak out about my experience over Labor Day week end at Millersylvania State Park.

We are told that the state parks are needing money to stay open for the public, but I guess the rangers out there don’t need their jobs as bad as we are led to believe.

In February I reserved an RV site and two tent sites for Sept. 3-7 at Millersylvania. That was almost $300.

I know of the $10 fee for an extra car. On the road where we were, it never got half full because of the adverse weather.

Yet they said our party had too many cars by two and had to either rent another site at $21 a night plus $10 for an extra car, or move them out of the park.

That would have made them $80 more from us if we could have parked in the extra parking areas. Instead they forced us to buy the extra site and extra parking spot for a total of $93.

We did stay through the sun and rain and will do it again. And I will support the $5 park fee when I renew my car license.

I guess every penny does not count sometimes.


Programs have worked in this country

The case made by Michael Munz warning readers that our Constitution is on the fast track to oblivion is most compelling in a paranoid way.

U.S. history is replete with examples of government-directed socialistic programs that have led to the demise of our freedom and way of life.

President Franklin Roosevelt initiated the New Deal in 1933 to soften the blow of the Great Depression. This far-reaching governmental endeavor included such far-reaching Nazi initiatives as the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Public Works Administration, to name a couple.

Another initiative, the Work Progress Administration, which subsidized musicians, painters and writers clearly led to the administrative Nazi-like takeover of the arts in the U.S.

Another Roosevelt initiative, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, was declared to be unconstitutional by the Nazi Supreme Court. Years later, the election of President Lyndon Johnson brought us Nazi socialism in the form of the Great Society programs such as Medicare and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

President Obama won the vote of a clear majority of Americans. This majority, either Nazi-loving socialists or brainless twits, elected and gave Obama their watchful trust to change the political and social direction of the country.

If we card-carrying progressive Nazis don’t have our way with the country and Constitution, Munz and company will have an opportunity to vote for change in three years.


What if we labeled taxpayer losses?

The recent report concerning the cities’ losses in tax revenue if Initiative 1033 passes causes me to wonder what would happen if this and all other references to tax increases or decreases were honestly referred to as taxpayer losses or gains rather than government losses or gains.