Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 9

Ryder is best candidate for council

I have been watching the Lacey City Council races with interest and I feel it is time to elect council members that will be proactive in moving our city forward with a focus on community partnerships.

Lacey has gone off track on many issues that matter to its citizens. Emergency services provide a vital service to the population. Why is the city trying to create a new fire department, and with what funds, when our families and businesses have benefited from a productive relationship with Lacey Fire District 3 for the past 60 years?

Basic city infrastructure is in need of a thorough examination and positive action. Lacey should not be suffering Seattle style traffic, which is getting out of control, when we have options to ease the congestion such as a Carpenter Road/Interstate 5 interchange.

Andy Ryder, running against John Darby, is a lifelong Lacey citizen. He owns his business here, is raising his family here, and he will represent our best interests with an effective and collaborative approach.

Our former Lacey Mayor Jon Halvorson, our state Reps. Sam Hunt and Brendan Williams, and Commissioners Sandra Romero and Karen Valenzuela are supporting Andy Ryder. I can understand why.

With ballots coming out in just a few weeks, I am voting for Andy Ryder and a better Lacey City Council.


Veldheer will speak truth to power

Olympia voters should not be misled by partisan declarations.

City council positions are nonpartisan, but candidates may request and receive partisan services or endorsements.

The position 4 race in Olympia pits two Karens (Veldheer and Rogers) against each other. Rogers has received campaign services from the county Democratic organization; Veldheer did not request such services and is avoiding partisan affiliation in this race as a matter of conscience.

Rogers, no doubt unaware that Washington voters do not register by political party, has mislabeled Veldheer a registered Republican in an apparent attempt to make her unacceptable to Olympia’s many Democratic activists.

Voters should know that environmental and citizens’ rights advocate Karen Veldheer enjoys the support of such prominent Democrats as Sandra Romero, Karen Fraser and Brendan Williams. She frequently attends Democratic events and supports Democratic candidates whose views she shares. She considers herself an independent and wants to serve Olympia residents as such, honoring the nonpartisan nature of the post she seeks.

Veldheer has a great record for activism, thoroughness and courage in speaking truth to power and not backing down.

In the cause of equity to homeowners, she has taken on some of the area’s most powerful developers, and has recently won an appellate court case to hold the corporate developer liable for construction defects in her home.

She will bring that unflagging determination to her service on the City Council.

Residents concerned about the future of our waterfront, downtown and neighborhoods should strongly consider her candidacy.


Sheep follow wannabe dictators

Fox News followers and lockstep Limbaugh listeners (aka “dittoheads”) can apparently parrot the “Barack Obama is like Adolf Hitler because ...” line endlessly, with reckless abandon, as we saw in recent letters. And sadly, the reasonable-sounding sophistry of this specious proof can have a certain superficial appeal.

While you can use those same arguments in a comparison between pretty much any politician and Adolf Hitler, I am particularly amused by applying them to a much different icon of the U.S. presidency, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, too, “acquired his following through his ability to arouse ... crowds with his speeches;” “involved himself strongly in labor unions, business, industry, agriculture;” “was a skilled schemer, politician, organizer”; and “began his political career with small groups” (e.g., the Screen Actor’s Guild and the G.E. board of directors, at whose bidding he once railed unsuccessfully against the freedom-killing “socialist slavery” of Medicare).

Those who blindly follow the right wing’s marching orders, without exercising a single iota of critical thinking, are the sheep that the true wannabe dictators of this nation can happily call on to bleat on command whatever absurd talking-points they want them to spout.

Thus we have a litany of “Obama is not an American; Obama is a socialist; Obama is a fascist; Obama is a communist” etc. Who knows what will be next, but I don’t think they can do much better than their “Obama is a fascist-communist-socialist-racist-atheist-Muslim-Kenyan-radical” rant.

About the only thing left is “Obama is a ‘War of the Worlds’ martian.”

Watch for it.