Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 11

City Hall construction not a priority

We received our car registration the other day and were surprised to see an additional charge from the city of Olympia for road repairs. How is it that the city has to charge a surcharge to fund basic services, but can sink $36 million into a new City Hall?

When school started this year, friends needing after-school care for middle school children were scrambling because the city was not funding the after-school programs that it had funded in the past. How is it that the city had to cancel after school programs, but can afford a new City Hall?

In a story in The Olympian, the city is expecting a budget shortfall next year resulting in layoffs. How is it that in a time of budget problems, the city can pour millions into a new City Hall?

The Olympian carried a couple of stories about the good deal the city made on the interest rate for the new City Hall. What was not explained was that even with the lower interest rate payments will be over $2 million per year for 30 years.

Why the big rush to build the new City Hall at a time of budget shortages? Could it have anything to do with being across the street from property owned by Councilman Jeff Kingsbury? One has to wonder how much his property value will increase thanks to the new City Hall across the street rather than a rundown storefront.


Beck is not an impartial journalist

Cal Thomas’ opinion article left me with a few questions.

For instance, if the articles he is talking about are dripping with condescension then what kind of tone do the various generalizations about “the Left” carry?

Why is spending always “the Left’s” fault when our deficit skyrocketed during our Republican leadership and nobody batted an eye? Why would he fail to mention that there are also fairly prominent conservative journalists, such as Andrew Sullivan, who have a problem with Glenn Beck?

And why would Thomas mention that 85 percent of people are happy with health care while leaving out the just as relevant (but less conducive to his point) that 52 percent are happy with health care costs and only 29 percent who felt sure that they could pay their bills if they had a medical emergency? The best answer I can come up with is that he is guilty of the exact same failings that he is criticizing others for.

Nobody is arguing that Glenn Beck is some kind of force of pure evil who hates America. Yet one of Thomas’ big final points is that Beck goes to his son’s ball game.

Good for him. That doesn’t change the fact that Beck is involved in incredibly partisan journalism that believes in making sure your side comes out ahead instead of trying to inform the public.


Postal staff are courteous, professional

I wish to respond regarding the letter to the editor by Tricia Farr concerning the Lacey post office. I disagree wholeheartedly with her characterization of the service at this post office.

I have been going there once or twice a week for the last eight years. The service I have received has always been fair and professional. The problem with this post office is that is understaffed for a very large population it must serve often resulting in long lines.

The population of the Lacey area has exploded in the past few years, but staffing at the office has not increased. Moreover, I have seen customers that expect the postal staff prepare their package for mailing. That is not their job.

Often customers have not properly filled out paperwork and must do that separately. The postal staff always invites them back to the counter immediately after they have completed their work.

The postal worker’s job is not easy — standing for several hours at a time and dealing with frustrated customers who want instant service. My experience is that the workers at the Lacey post office do their job in a very courteous and professional manner.


Estuary sign won’t scare people

I was compelled to write a retort to Ernie Malick’s recent letter regarding signage that has sprouted up around town stating “NO Estuary Swamp.”

I personally feel that we should save the lake, and I have no affiliation with these signs.

However, my position is irrelevant during this discussion. I feel that Malick clearly misunderstands the intent of the signs. The message printed is concise and represents the intended meaning clearly. The picture is used to cleverly draw one’s attention toward the sign and it is not intended to scare its readers.

I view it as more of a tongue-in-cheek take of the discussion at hand. In my opinion, it is unfortunate that some people need to take life so seriously that they have to cast a negative light on anything possible.

Our world is already plenty full of such negativity.

What ever your position is on the lake discussion, I am sure that a picture of a mosquito is not going to scare you into changing your opinion.