Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 14

Letter writers should check their facts

It would be helpful if extreme right-wing letter writers would check their historical facts before ranting ideologically about things they know nothing about.

For instance, Michael W. Muntz (“Comparing Obama to Hitler”) insists that this comparison is just because Hitler, like Obama, “demanded a strong socialistic central government.”

Socialism was anathema to Hitler, who was a fascist. The Socialist Party was banned under Nazi Party rule. The Soviet Union, a socialist country, was our ally in World War II, not our enemy.

However, comparing anyone to Hitler, someone who perpetuated the worst atrocities in modern memory, is insensitive to anyone who lost a loved one in that war.

Muntz further states that Obama, “demanded government intrusion into our financial world.”

The financial collapse and “intrusion” occurred last September during the Bush administration, a fact that most right-wing ideologues conveniently forget.

Obama’s only sin has been preventing this country from experiencing a second Great Depression by employing traditional Keynesian economic theories just as have Japan, France and Germany, countries that have all economically recovered from this worldwide recession.

It also would be helpful if The Olympian would print letters that advance the pubic dialog rather than error-ridden rants that only serve to underscore the lack of education of these extremists.


Roe is well-suited for City Council

Having served in the Legislature as chairman of both the House and Senate Local Government committees, I appreciate the prerogatives of local governance authority. I, also, respect those elected to a city governing body to exercise that authority relative to quality of community life, culture and commerce.

For Olympia’s City Council these responsibilities are uniquely broader. This city is the state capital. While its citizens benefit from attendant economic benefits, its City Council must meet requisite obligations of stewardship. Washington citizens from Pullman to Puyallup care, and have the right to care, about what happens in Olympia and what happens to Olympia.

In this special responsibility the current council majority has been unfortunately parochial in its position on the use of Capitol Lake/Budd Inlet isthmus. This has been demonstrated by many strong responses. The singular letter from all living former governors submitted in opposition to the proposed high-rise development, however, will serve to make the point.

Ironically, in another respect, the council’s majority has been insufficiently parochial. It has not heeded the great many voices also raised in objection from its own constituency. A consequence of this is clearly shown in the trailing vote of high rise-supporting incumbents in the recent primary election.

To alter this misguided policy direction, I urge readers’ consideration of Jeannine Roe, a well-qualified council candidate in every required capability. Roe will work for achievable alternatives to the proposed waterfront development, believing that this course is in the broadest and best interests of Olympia.


We want their insurance package

It was a very interesting article in The Olympian regarding what some members of Congress pay for their monthly health insurance. For instance, Sen. Maria Cantwell pays $140 per month for herself. I am a single, retired state employee and my premium is $470 per month.

I’ll trade with her any day.

I have a brother who pays more than $1,200 a month for himself and his wife, with no dental or vision coverage. Compare that with Sen. Patty Murray who pays $356 for herself and her husband, or Rep. Rick Larsen and Rep. Adam Smith who pay that same amount to include their wives and two children.

I am positive my brother would be thrilled to have their premium.

So if the new health care proposals have those kinds of premiums for all of us, I’m all for it. But somehow I doubt that is going to happen.


Lawson is honest, will be an asset

This is in regard to Ron Lawson, who is campaigning for Lacey City Council Position 6.

Lawson is my neighbor and I can say he is a very sincere person who cares about our city. He is honest, truthful and a no nonsense man we all regard as a real asset to our neighborhood.

A few years ago Lawson helped us organize a neighborhood watch in cooperation with the Lacey Police Department. We all feel better knowing our neighborhood has such a leader.

Lawson truly cares about our city, and he is willing to put his energy and intelligence to work for us. Lawson is focused on real issues and is always wiling to listen to residents’ concerns.

If you want such a man to represent you in Lacey’s management, I encourage you to consider Ron Lawson for that job. I urge you to lend a hand by giving him your vote in November. He’ll make sure Lacey remains one of the best places to live in Washington state.