Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 15

Postal workers do a great job

I write in response to the recent letter in The Olympian commenting on the quality of service at the Lacey Post Office.

I have been a customer of the Lacey Post Office for the past 23 years and have always found the employees to be friendly, efficient and professional.

I have never experienced any rudeness nor have I ever seen any patron treated with anything less than good customer service.

Yes, the wait times for service have increased due to decreases in staffing levels and the rules and regulations governing letter and parcel shipments can be cumbersome at times.

But this is due to United States Postal Service policies. I offer my thanks and appreciation to the employees of the Lacey Post Office for a job well done.


Davis uniquely qualified for port post

As a longtime citizen activist with the Port of Olympia, I would be remiss if I didn’t speak out about the critical decision facing the voters for the position of port commissioner.

I feel that Jeff Davis is clearly the best candidate for the job.

Davis has extensive experience with West Coast port operations from the perspective of the union workers that do the real work of the port.

This perspective will balance the other commissioners, with Bill McGregor being a past port manager and George Barner being a past elected county commissioner.

Davis brings a practical intelligence to the problems confronting our port and is willing to consider all the people affected by the port.

As a small businessman and a Farmers Market vendor, I am especially encouraged by Davis’ appreciation of the Farmers Market as a economic development force in our community.

As the market’s landlord, the port is critical to the success of local agriculture and the many jobs it represents.

From the port’s impact on local downtown business to the need to keep our waterfront free from silt and pollution, Davis has the sensitivity and candor to bring together all those affected in a spirit of cooperation and meaningful communication.

I feel we will be best served by making Jeff Davis our next port commissioner.


Buxbaum and Hyer for Olympia council

There’s an excellent opportunity this year to support a couple of candidates who have a real commitment to environmental and social progress for Olympia

Local decisions by city councils do matter on these issues.

Stephen Buxbaum and Joe Hyer have shown that they will stand and deliver policies and projects that conserve resources and make our community more sustainable.

Buxbaum has been active in the community on projects like Olympia’s Farmers Market and Garden Raised Bounty – community builders and providers of healthy, fresh food. He understands how to get housing projects for all incomes developed – something that Olympia acutely needs in its downtown and core areas.

Buxbaum’s lifelong commitment and experience with projects that have both environmental and social benefit, and especially his ability to work with the community positively to accomplish these good works, distinguish him as the best choice for a new council member.

Hyer has worked tirelessly on the council and in his own business to reduce waste.

He has more recently made the correct decision to return the lower Deschutes River, for decades impounded as a lake, to estuary – with tremendous benefit to habitat and Puget Sound.

Hyer’s understanding of the business case for environmental policies and his willingness to lead based on science and facts make him the best choice.

I’m supporting Stephen Buxbaum and Joe Hyer in this fall’s election.

I hope you’ll join me in ensuring these positive, energetic leaders are there to serve us on Olympia City Council in the years ahead.


Referendum not about same-sex marriage

For years now opponents to same sex relationships have been arguing that they are not in favor of calling domestic partnerships “marriages” but, that they do support rights for all families.

Clearly they have been less than honest about their intent and ultimate goal.

Opponents of Referendum 71 are hateful people that want to control and punish families that do not fit into their definition of love and devotion.

Now they are displeased with the legislation because it gives domestic partners protection that is similar to that of married couples but NOT a marriage.

The verbiage of this law clearly states that domestic partnerships are NOT marriages.

What else do they want?

We have given them separation so that they can continue to idealize their relationships, which fail at an average of 68 percent, but it is still not good enough.

We have used a different word to define the same day-to-day life that the majority of committed couples share.

Now what? What else? Can I simply live and know that if something happens to me or my partner of 11 years that our two children will be taken care of?

Should our hard-earned pensions and Social Security be returned to the government when we die because of their judgments?

I think not! The bottom line: Quit being such control freaks! Let all people live happy lives and butt out.