Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 16

Health care is not a right

The government can control health care costs only through rationing. If alleged savings were available, why hasn’t this been done yet? The government has zero credibility in saving money, making it completely reasonable to insist the savings are generated before spending the money.

Private industry can control health care costs through innovative new medications and therapies provided it is freed from frivolous lawsuits. People can shop for the best pricing.

Profit is not a four-letter word. If you don’t want the specific health care coverage that is offered because you deem it too expensive, fine, don’t buy it. Don’t deny my right to purchase what’s best for me.

Obama’s claim in his health care bill that if you like your current insurance, you can keep it, is true only if you are the one making the choice. The problem is about 85 percent of health insurance is employer provided. They will be forced into taking the lowest cost – government-run – plan or be run out of business due to an uncompetitive cost structure. All private insurance will fail if there is a government run plan.

The fixes: Tort reform is critical. Allow purchase of health insurance across state lines. Offer subsidies to the uninsured to purchase insurance. Make all medical and insurance expenses fully tax deductible.

Health care is not a right. It may be a moral imperative, but it cannot be a right. Nothing can be a right that someone else must provide – otherwise it’s slavery.


Jeff Kingsbury is a proven leader

Jeff Kingsbury is a strong leader for our community.

We elect leaders to make decisions – sometimes in the face of controversy. Kingsbury does that.

He stands tall and makes his case. He explains his positions clearly and articulately.

We elect leaders to advocate for the rights of all citizens, regardless of their economic status. Kingsbury does that. He has worked tirelessly with the HOME Consortium to invest nearly $5 million in housing for those that most need it – affordable housing right here in this community.

He advocates for Together, Enterprise for Equity, the Dispute Resolution Center, Community Youth Services, the Family Support Center, and most of the organizations that provide aid for those who most need it.

We elect leaders who will strengthen our economic core and help our city sustain itself through economic droughts. Kingsbury does that. He supports adding housing to the downtown core for all income levels.

His leadership in bringing Artspace to Olympia is unquestionable, maintaining housing for the artists that make up a significant part of our city’s aesthetic. His support for market rate housing is uncompromised. His history as a downtown business operator is well known.

We’re voting for Jeff Kingsbury. He’s a proven leader.


Valenzuela understands the issues

During my seven-year tenure on the Intercity Transit Authority, I had the privilege of working with now-Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela. As the Tumwater City Council representative on the transit authority, she distinguished herself through passion for the work, demonstrating a superior grasp of issues and exhibiting a positive attitude in difficult situations.

I immediately came to rely on her for a positive response to difficult and divisive policy issues. This trust proved to be well placed.

She served as our vice chair, leading on critical disability issues and closely monitoring our budget to make every dollar count. In short, she helped make the Intercity Transit Authority a place of clarity, opportunity and surmountable challenges.

As county commissioner, she communicates very well and knows the business of the county. Most important, she applies logic to technological challenges and effectively helps her co-commissioners work well within a governmental system that was designed, at best, for the previous century.

Further, Valenzuela can work in a fast-paced environment under a demanding workload and continue to maintain team spirit and positive personal interactions. It is this innate temperament that is vital in leading a complex government unit to being the best it can be.

Her commitment to professionalism and community knowledge has demanded discipline and initiative.

As a proven leader, I see her as the superior choice for District 3 Thurston County Commissioner.

TOM FENDER, Tumwater

Local bakeries better than those in Paris

Olympia should be proud of the diversity of excellent bakeries in this area. We moved here seven years ago, and this town trumps anything in the greater Seattle area.

For bagels, San Francisco Street Bakery wins hands down, along with their excellent pies.

My son relishes his birthday cake and cinnamon toast from Wagner’s.

The Bread Peddler breads are much better than most bakeries in France!

I myself, never before much of a granola eater, have become a major fan due to Blue Heron’s raisin rebel crunch. We also love their spinach turnovers.

Desserts by Tasha Nicole has a cheesecake that my wife cannot resist.

Although not directly in Olympia, we have been fans of the Stone Ground Bakery’s sandwich bread since we moved here.

Top this off with an apple fritter from Lattin’s Country Cider Mill and you’ve got one winning bakery town.

Someone should market this.