Letters to the Editor

Letters to the the Editor for Oct. 31

Obama should decline Nobel Peace Prize

Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Desmond Tutu, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.: all Nobel Prize winners. All people whose accomplishments spanned decades, who suffered greatly for their cause, some facing violence, imprisonment, and death. Barack Obama is a fine leader with great potential. But as yet he has accomplished nothing that warrants the Nobel Peace Prize. He should respectfully decline the prize.

DAVE TOHT, Olympia

Anarchist groups should be inclusive

I have followed with interest the case of John Towery, who is said to have infiltrated Olympia Port Military Resistance. OlyPMR is an alliance of people, allied with anarchists, who are opposed to the return of military equipment from Afghanistan and Iraq, as demonstrated by their resistance to the off-loading of military equipment at Olympia’s port.

I was bemused by OlyPMR’s objections to Towery joining their group. First, they objected that Towery was an “employee at Fort Lewis.” I wondered what jobs disqualify someone from being an anarchist. I know of an anarchist who became a police officer specifically to promote his anarchistic ideals. He is now 20-plus years in a sheriff’s office. I am sure he has done more for the cause than any 10 kids who spray-paint walls and carry signs. So, if a police person, then why not a soldier? Soldiers have training in operations and arms – maybe good skills for an anarchist.

Besides, membership requirements for an anarchistic group somehow seem unanarchistic. OlyPMR should welcome everyone, especially soldiers.

Stranger was OlyPMR’s other objection that Towery’s activities were illegal. What sort of objection is that for a self-respecting anarchist group? OlyPMR thinks of themselves as victimized because the other guy didn’t follow the rules?

Buck up, OlyPMR! You had enough effect that the federal government took notice and devoted some man-hours to you.

That is a much better victory than leaving our military-industrial waste on foreign soil.