Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 1

Commissioners are trying to protect the public

With all the fuss over the Thurston County sheriff’s budget, it seems to me an important point is being glossed over: public safety.

Last spring, concerned residents like me told the Thurston County commissioners in no uncertain terms we didn’t want them to balance the budget by laying off road deputies. They listened, and cut some management positions in the sheriff’s top-heavy organization. For that, I’m grateful. I live in unincorporated Thurston County, and it’s important to me to know we have enough deputies so help is there quickly if I need it.

Now I see that Sheriff Kimball wants us taxpayers to pay the hefty tab for the lawsuit he filed against the commissioners. Are you kidding me? Whose job does he propose to eliminate in order to pay for his legal snit?

County commissioners aren’t trying to tell the sheriff how to fight crime; they’re being responsible and trying to protect the public. Sheriff Kimball needs to man up, drop his lawsuit and get back to the business of law enforcement.


Patriots will congratulate Obama

What a pity that our president’s international recognition as winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has become an occasion here at home for second-guessing him, criticizing him, and even demeaning him. Surely, among the most cynical of his detractors is Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who has seized on the award as a fundraising opportunity to recruit “truly patriotic Americans” who oppose the president (The Olympian, Oct. 11, 2009, Page A8).

As any soccer kid will tell you, sometimes, for the good of the game, you set aside the catcalls and simply acknowledge achievement. In our democracy, that basic sense of decorum may, in the end, be what saves the playing-field itself for the next match. Whether you agree with President Obama’s policies or not, whether you think he truly deserves the Peace Prize or not, whether you think the Nobel referees got it wrong or right, for the moment there’s really only one proper – and truly patriotic – sentiment for the occasion: “Congratulations, Mr. President.”


Racism should not be tolerated

The trend toward white supremacy and racism was to be expected as it regained a foothold during the Bush years. What is unexpected, to me, is the lack of response from the current Department of Justice and the insistence of the president to address it. I’m 59 years old and come from a law enforcement family and I think I’ve seen and heard a lot. You could see this coming and I know many agencies were aware, but it seems that there is a sense that going after these people would be seen as politically motivated.

Following this logic, Thomas Metzger would not have been accountable. Racist and violent egging on by radio and TV shills to their listeners is not proper use of the airwaves and the doctrine preached is in violation of laws.

Inaction will surely result in more tragedy to innocent people.


Museum name should be changed

Please, please will someone do something about the Hands On Children’s Museum? That name is just not right! Even with the correct apostrophe “s,” the name sounds horrible and could only be loved by fondlers, Romans, or French government officials.

Where is the board of directors on this public relations gaffe?

Nonprofits attract volunteers, who are out to enhance resumes, street cred, and receive pats on the rear ends, but ‘HELLO,’ is anyone home? Take five minutes to come up with an appropriate name.

We are used to being scammed and plundered for large amounts of public funds. Nine million dollars for a new museum for children (hint, hint) building are beyond graft and will never produce an appropriate return on investment. That said, before a new sign goes up on the building and a petting zoo wants to share space, please change the name.


Don't charge fees to cash checks

Checks are legal financial instruments. The court accepts them as such. So why is it that banks can charge you a fee for honoring that instrument? The line that says “Pay To The Order Of ...” does not say it includes fees or other bank charges. I don’t understand why banks can get away with this type of piracy.

If I were a lawyer, which I’m not, I’d take them all to court and charge them with usury violations and penalize them. Any check issued by any bank is a legal and binding financial instrument. One that any particular bank has an obligation to pay on demand. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have an account with them as well. It’s their check, and they are obliged to honor it without exceptions or tacked-on fees. To do so is sheer piracy. If you agree with me, make your voice heard! Get involved!

Complain to your political and governmental officials. Complain to the state Office of the Attorney General. Otherwise, banks will continue making billions from practicing greed at our expense.