Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 21

Back up statements with studies

I read Alec Beal’s letter to the editor titled “Gays cannot redefine marriage” with great concern.

It troubles me very much to read a letter from such a young person so filled with hate, prejudice, judgment and hypocrisy. He also is very misguided if he believes that marriage is solely defined by the Bible.

Marriage in some form is embraced by all cultures. Beal’s claim that studies show “children who grow up with both a mother and a father are much healthier physically and emotionally” is absurd! Cite the studies.

In contrast to Beal’s baseless comment, a study published in the Sept. 25 Adoption Quarterly authored by Scott Ryan, the new dean of the University of Texas School of Social Work and an expert in the study of gay and lesbian adoption, and Paige Averett and Blace Nalavany, assistant professors of social work at East Carolina University, states: “Our research shows that there is no difference in children raised by gay or lesbian parents and heterosexual parents. People are people.”

Homosexuals do have the right to live as they choose.

They also are entitled to enjoy any and every right that Beal enjoys even though he is a Christian.


Religion and hate are oxymorons

Culling from both political parties’ questionnaires I receive, the Republicans lump diverse issues together, prohibiting clear-cut answers, since life does not go according to their fabricated ideologies.

Thus, if you are for English as America’s official language (which I am) and for family values of commitment, caring and trust (which I am), you hit a snag, since families have evolved over time.

When they attack the media (I agree) but then cry foul that their hate radio broadcasts will have to become balanced by other views, they play the religion card as sole indicator of moral values.

How can religion and hate live in the same sentence? This oxymoron was certainly not taught by Christ. The only time he got mad was by chasing the money changers out of the temple.

Today, he would have to do quadruple overtime to cleanse pharmaceutical companies and Wall Street.

Another feared word is “socialism.” On Jan. 11, 1944, FDR spoke eloquently about the rights of Americans, including health care, education, Social Security for all.

As a patrician-born privileged leader he and his wife knew what to do for people.

The notion that America was based on Christian principles has to give way to the truth of having been based on material exploitation from the start.

If we wish to whitewash this embarrassing past, it is up to each of us to act nobly in thought and deed.