Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 3

Republicans have plenty to criticize

In a recent letter, Jonathan Ammons accused Republicans of childish bantering over the policies and administration of President Barack Obama.

Which of the following broken promises should not be bantered about: no lobbyists, no pork, no earmarks, no new taxes, transparency? What about an administration free of corruption then ACORN, SEIU, National Endowment for the Arts, Humana gag orders from the White House and the White House’s attempt to bar Fox News from the White House press box?

What about the fuzzy math on job creation or jobs saved? What about the appointment of left-wing radicals, Marxists and socialists to the White House administration (all on video espousing their radical views)?

For those readers who haven’t seen these videos, you’re probably watching the wrong channel. Try Fox News for fair and balanced reporting.

The latest cable news network poll placed Fox News as number one again. Another poll conducted by a Democrat (Bob Bickel) showed 50 percent of the Fox viewers were Democrat or independents.

For those in denial, where are the counter voices Ammons is asking for? Bring your charts and graphs, your videos, better yet bring President Obama’s number crunchers to Fox News and Glenn Beck.

The Obama administration’s smoke and mirrors fuzzy math has inflated the job creation and jobs saved. Now watch what Sen. Harry Reid will do with his health care plan.

For those who think Obama’s health care plan will be deficit neutral, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale. I bought it when Obama was elected.


Baird showed integrity and courage

Several readers have recently expressed criticism of Rep. Brian Baird, D-Vancouver, for voting against the House health care reform bill.

Conversely, it was recently reported that Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma, voted in favor of the bill while publicly admitting that it was seriously flawed.

When members of either house of Congress are not allowed to duly read, consider, and debate legislation prior to voting, the citizens of this country are the losers.

Flawed legislation is not better than no legislation – more often it compounds the problem. Members of Congress need time to deliberately consider all options and work for the country instead of partisan ideology that says, “Just pass something – we can fix it later.”

We, the people, have far too long endured this approach by our elected officials. The result is a nation that labors under costly unintended consequences for generations. Our leaders should honor their pledges of office by ensuring that the best possible legislation is enacted for the greatest good of the people, instead of enacting slap-dash Band-Aids of self-serving, political expediency and ideology.

This voter applauds the efforts of those elected officials with the integrity and courage to just say “No” when confronted with costly, flawed legislation.


Be amused by holiday greeting

Should Christians be offended or amused when the politically correct crowd, in their attempt to get Christ out of Christmas, greet us with the words, “Happy Holidays”?

The word “holiday” is actually a compound word meaning “holy day.” When the word originated in the 1500s, “holiday” referred only to days of religious observance. (If you don’t believe me, look it up.)

Gradually, it became used in reference to a day off from work or a day set aside for celebration. But, holiday still means holy day.

I can’t help but be amused at secular people who think calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree is neutralizing Christmas. It isn’t. It may be even a stronger religious statement than “Merry Christmas.”