Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 4

Shark killing must be halted

Sharks have been on the planet for over 400 million years, and as top predators they play an important role in our marine ecosystems. Sharks are slow-growing, late to mature, and do not reproduce often and this means that shark populations are particularly vulnerable to overfishing and recover slowly, if at all.

Humans kill 100 million sharks a year and for what – shark fins for a tasteless bowl of soup, shark teeth for jewelry, shark jaws for tourist souvenirs, shark cartilage for capsules and powders for phony medicinal cures, shark liver oil for cosmetics/skin care?

Consequently, shark populations are declining rapidly due to the immense overfishing and long-lining pressure exerted on them. One third of European shark populations are considered threatened.

Recently, Nutrition House and Holista Health Inc. in Canada stopped producing and selling shark cartilage supplements after activists urged them to study the negative health and ecological consequences of harvesting sharks. Activists are now urging General Nutrition Center to follow suit and stop selling shark cartilage products.

To date, there have been no rigorous clinical trials providing evidence of the efficacy of commercial shark cartilage supplements in treating conditions such as arthritis and cancer.

A serious health problem with eating or using shark products is the methyl mercury that it contains — mercury that is known to cause significant health issues.

Ask GNC to contribute to the health of our oceans and stop selling shark cartilage products.


Snubbed for White House state dinner

Looks like I didn’t get invited to the Obamas’ first state dinner. Neither did Fox News or any of the alternative viewpoint talk show hosts.

I didn’t see many Republicans in the audience either. I guess the town meeting folks, tea party members and other un-Americans were not thought to be hungry enough?

Lots of Chicago folks and Democratic suporters were in attendance. Enough HOPE and CHANGE?

While the Indian prime minister was honored, I wonder if Obama bowed low enough to honor him?

And I hear that it only took 10 fittings to get the First Lady’s dress to fit just right — just about the number of meetings it took Obama to make up his mind on troop levels in Afghanistan!

But, I am glad that the meal was a vegetarian event since the Hindus love animals so much. Why at the same time the Hindus in Nepal were slaughtering 200,000 buffaloes, goats, chickens, and pigeons all to honor the Hindu goddess Gadhimai.

Maybe they will consider me for the next state dinner?

As a guest I mean!


Eyman helps protect the will of taxpayers

I write in reference to the editorial suggesting Tim Eyman give up and go home.

A big point was made regarding some of the money that has been donated having ended up in Eyman’s pocket. In my opinion he deserves compensation for the time and effort he puts in trying to fight for us taxpayers. Recognize that at the same time we taxpayers are paying the salaries, medical and retirement benefits of the legislators who were elected to serve us. They have an unlimited source of funds and use any and all tricks in the books to thwart his attempts to help us. I don’t notice them doing it for free.

Even when we vote for something, as we did for the $30 auto licenses, every conceivable trick has been pulled to get around the obvious will of the people. I see no democracy there, only Democrats squeezing us dry for more tax money. How constitutional is that?

The original concept of taxation was for our common defense only. Boy! How out of proportion has that grown?

Of course it would be foolish not to recognize that taxes are used for many good purposes. On the other hand there are a lot of pork barrel and special interest projects that could be, and should be, eliminated.

We find it more realistic to ask a willing person like Eyman to help us get at least some semblance of representation.

Keep Tim Eyman around as our only potential hope of being heard.


Government actions cause despair

I am not surprised The Olympian newspaper did not cover the Tea Party Express visit to the Puyallup fairgrounds on Oct. 30.

Four to five thousand people attended. The underlying theme of the event was “Take Back Our Government.” The reason I’m not surprised, I say with great despair, is that the voice of the people was taken away from us not that long ago.

Our representatives do not listen to us any more.

I send letters and receive canned replies that don’t even address the questions I’ve raised. Not even the media will represent us any more.

Folks, if you’re not concerned about this, I have to wonder why.

I hate to say this but I am beginning to believe that many people in this community are more concerned with access to a dog park, a downtown artesian well, and a mud bay, than they are about loss of their liberties.