Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 12

Give reward money to families

Not that anything or any amount will replace the loss in the lives of the Lakewood families, wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to split the reward money among them since the killer was found by the Seattle Police Department?


Some are abusing unemployment


I have a friend who recently retired as an office receptionist. She told me she was applying for unemployment insurance.

I told her in order to be eligible for unemployment compensation, she needed to be actively looking for a job. She said she’d figure it out. Two weeks ago she said she was getting employment payments from the state.

My cousin is 28 years old. He was laid off by a Microsoft subcontractor. He said he has gotten job offers for $35,000 per year plus commission. He said it was less than he had been paid, so he’d just watch sports until his unemployment ran out.

I asked him how he gets away with not showing the state that he is actively seeking employment. He said it’s easy. He just logs onto monster.com and applies for some jobs. It takes a couple of minutes.

My uncle recently retired from Weyerhaeuser. He was making $150,000 per year. He’s getting unemployment, too. He knows the state has so many cases right now, they can’t investigate everyone. He’s been getting unemployment payments for months.

As a small business owner, I find all of this upsetting. I am required to pay unemployment tax.

I thought it was to help those who really needed it — and who qualified for it. The state should triple the number of investigators, demand repayment of overpayments at 18 percent interest, levy fines on those found to have abused the system and publish their names in their local newspaper.

Schools deserve parental support

I am writing to thank the North Thurston Public Schools district for the service and support that the teachers and staff provide to the students in their schools as well as the community on a daily basis.

We have two sons. Our oldest son is at South Sound High School and our youngest son is at the new Aspire Performing Arts Middle School. Our sons’ respective schools have proved to be a great match for them and helping to prepare them for the future.

I am extremely pleased with the support, energy and effort that our family has received from both of these schools, as well as Olympic View Elementary School previously. The staff and faculty in the North Thurston school district truly care. They put their heart and soul into helping our sons and all the other students be all that they can be, and we are grateful that they are there to do so.

My husband and I have been and are currently strong supporters of our sons’ schools, as well as the PTA/PTO of each school. I would like to encourage other community members and families to help support their schools as well.