Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 15

Cut government across the board

Let me see if I understand this. You’re sitting around the kitchen table when someone brings in a bag of money and sets it on the table.

It’s not your money but you can do what you want with it. Lets see. Should we pay bills and save it? No, let’s find ways to spend it on new pork barrel projects, new committees to study problems, etc. It’s someone else’s money. Don’t worry, we can get more when it runs out.

Government’s appetite for taxes keeps growing. It never has enough. There is waste everywhere. Government is too big.

This economic downturn is tough on the citizens, but provides an opportunity to reduce the size of government and its spending.

No new taxes! No new programs! Continue cutting. Cut 10 percent to 15 percent from ALL government programs and services across the board. No exceptions. Our family did it and so can the government.

Most important you need to watch them and don’t turn away because they will harm you if they get the chance.


Keep grief-stricken families in your heart

I was talking to my son one evening. He is the president of the Vancouver Washington firefighters’ union. We talked about donations to the families of the fallen police officers in Lakewood.

I was concerned since these families are relatively young, and the officers didn’t have substantial time in with the department to have accrued much in retirement benefits. My son told me that the family’s medical insurance will remain in place as a part of the legislation taken on by him and others several years ago for both firefighters and police when new guidelines for retirement and health were passed into law.

There will be a one-time payout for death benefits. However, we didn’t know if any of the spouses were working, and even if so, the families will certainly face huge financial obligations through the years.

I recently learned about the Forza coffee shop in Hawks Prairie which is a part of the chain of shops in which the tragedy occurred in Parkland. I immediately drove out to thank them for having a box and was able to donate locally. Donations can be made directly, as well to the Lakewood Police Department at 9401 Lakewood Dr. S.W., Lakewood. WA 98499.

Please keep these families in your hearts.