Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 18

Teachers fill up students’ buckets

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful assembly at South Bay Elementary. As part of their character education efforts, the school’s staff is implementing a new program designed to encourage positive behaviors called the “bucket filler” program. Every staff member was involved in the assembly and the enthusiasm for their students was obvious.

The bucket filler program is based on the simple idea that each of us has a bucket that we carry around with us that holds our feelings about ourselves. When we show kindness, appreciation, and love toward others, our bucket fills up and we feel happy. When we, or others, say or do things that take those good feelings away from us, we feel sad. The goal at South Bay Elementary is that all students become bucket fillers!

The teachers at South Bay are an extremely dedicated group of educators who always strive to bring out the best in all of their students, both in and outside of the classroom. As a parent of two children who attend this school, I am so pleased that they also incorporate lessons that promote the social and emotional well-being of our children as well.

This is a shining example of how our teachers go above and beyond to help us teach our children important life lessons that they will carry with them their entire lives. Keep up the great work!

Karmen Galvin, Olympia

Swine flu vaccine in short supply

We should be very careful about the politicians who we elect to office. It may be a matter of life or death for seniors.

County commissioners, who supervise the county health department, told the 33,000 seniors living in the county that they are immune to H1N1 (swine flu) and shouldn’t worry about being vaccinated.

The truth: I have told commissioners since September, at their televised weekly public meetings, that the federal Centers for Disease Control issued a warning to seniors. It said, “Recent studies have shown that about a third of adults 65 years of age and older may have some level of immunity against the novel H1N1 flu virus.”

This means one-third of all seniors may have some immunity — two-thirds have none. No vaccine is available to seniors as they are at the bottom of the list.

Commissioners ordered only 160,000 doses. There are 250,000 people living in the county, but only about enough vaccine for less than 150,000 if everyone who wants one gets one. Only half of the vaccine ordered may be available by Christmas; the rest by March.

If seasonal flu occurs with H1N1, then we all should be concerned — seniors, adult children of seniors, and those needing hospital beds when they are filled to capacity with flu victims.

All seniors should take preventive action, like getting seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccines and ask commissioners why they concealed the facts. You believe politicians can pass a health care bill that protects seniors? I think not.

Bill Pilkey, Olympia

America faces a pivotal choice

America, we have a monumental choice to make. We can choose between a maniacal mixture of socialism, Marxism, fascist dictatorship, communism, enslavement and tyranny scattered throughout the world, to all be compressed under the tyrannical boot heel of a one world centralized government, or America can choose to continue strengthening this free republic under our Constitution which promises independence, liberty and freedom for all who are willing to preserver and pay the price.

We have been led to our path of independence by the wisdom of our founding fathers. They did not say it would be easy! Rather, they challenged whether we would be up to the task!

Once again in our history, we have come to a dangerous fork in the road. The downhill path to the left and socialism looks easier, but further around the bend we find huge, inefficient, wasteful, tyrannical, centralized government benefiting only Obama, his White House co-conspirators and congressional cohorts.

Their fiscal and moral irresponsibility enslaves everyone below. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame to one degree or another.

The virtues of a free democracy are the building blocks in the foundation of our free republic.

Our founding fathers envisioned for our democracy, the virtues of independence, patriotism, honesty, courage, loyalty, justice, compassion, knowledge, kindness, understanding, gratitude, generosity, vision, humility, spirituality, strength, wisdom, etc. We citizens of America must live up to their prayers for us and to do the very best of our ability, pass this precious gift on to future generations.

Michael W. Munz, Shelton