Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 19

Death penalty could serve as a deterrent

I write in response to Rozanne Rants and her Committee for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

If the Washington state Supreme Court and the system as a whole would apply the death penalty – if all the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted and a jury of your peers accurately perform their function – then the penalty would be a deterrent to capital crime.

But they have changed the law to an “intent to kill” joke.

Criminals have been given all the rights and the victims and their families have none.

An appeal should be no longer than nine months and if denied, execution should take place 10 days later. The public should not be spared from witnessing these executions as they were not spared from public hangings.

I wonder if Rants would be up on her soap box yelling for equal justice if one of her loved ones were brutally taken from her or would she just turn the other cheek, forgive the poor misguided individual?


Why can’t government live within its means?

When will all this government spending stop?

Why, do I, as a law abiding citizen, have to pay a large sum of my retirement check to pay for cities, county, state and federal, mismanagement of funds?

I am lucky to end up with two thirds of my pay which is not much, and yet, I repeat, and yet, manage every month to pay all my reoccurring bills – lights, water, etc. on time.

I don’t have any charge cards, only a debit card, and if I can’t afford it I don’t buy it. Because of that I am able to put some away for a rainy day, or for unforeseen events. I can even take my family on a fun vacation.

If I can do this after being taxed half to death, why can’t our elected leaders do the same with our money?

Does it make sense to you that our country is trillions of dollars in debt and still looking for more ways to further the problem? Soon we will be paying half of our earned dollars in taxes, and then what?

What has President Obama’s stimulus money did for us? Answer, put the country further in debt. It did nothing to help the long term job situation, and has added billions to the federal deficit.

I am asking everyone who reads this letter to rid themselves of spending more than you earn. Let’s set an example for those who propose to be leading the way.


Fallen soldiers deserve same respect

However much I agree that the fallen officers of Lakewood and others like them should be revered for their sacrifice and service, however much I grieve for their families and their children, and however much I abhor the element of our society that causes these painful moments, I cannot justify in my heart the lavish memorial services heaped upon these events – the hours of airtime on TV covering the expenditure of resources to bring thousands of officers from their assigned posts and the millions and millions of dollars that these spectacles cost.

Where is this public outpouring of reverence and concern when the flag-covered coffins of the fallen soldiers, Marines, Air Force and Navy members come home?

Where are the hours of TV coverage?

Where are the throngs of solemn citizens lining the streets to say farewell?

I revere the men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line daily.

But let’s try to remember that there are far more fallen, many as close to home, who deserve the same amount of respect.