Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 20

Officers merit respect

I have thought about this some, and I think the swelling of community support for law enforcement and emergency services is outstanding. It should have come before the four Lakewood officers were murdered.

Now if people will just remember how these people have to deal with not only their everyday duties, which include watching over and protecting us in the best way they can, but also it is a 24/7 job for all of them.

I suspect there are only a few that can go home at night and not think about what they have had to do all day long on those jobs.

The communities across the country need to step up long before a senseless tragedy like this and start supporting these people.

It’s time that programs be cut before officers’ jobs are cut. It’s time these states, counties, and cities step up and start paying these people a decent wage for going out there 24/7 and putting their lives on the line.


‘Science’ cannot be trusted

President Barack Obama, in his inauguration speech, promised to “restore science to its rightful place.” Other than an attempt to disparage the previous administration, it’s hard to know what the president meant.

For example, the “science” of global warming has recently been shown to be essentially a fraud. The prominent scientists behind the global warming scare have apparently conspired to manipulate and distort the data for political and monetary gain.

They have destroyed evidence, intimidated peers from publishing contrary data, cherry picked the data they use, tried to hide the decline in global temperatures since 1998, and generally tried to deceive everyone about the truth of climate change and whether it is man-caused.

But despite this damning evidence, Obama remains unfazed. Since the true science does not support his preconceived and predetermined agenda, he refuses to acknowledge it. Apparently science’s rightful place in the Obama administration is where it can be ignored.

The unethical, and perhaps illegal, actions of these scientists involved in “climategate,” are, except in degree, not particularly new.

The same tactics have been used before by scientists who are less interested in following the evidence wherever it leads than they are in supporting their ideological and partisan agendas.

This type of behavior by scientists has occurred previously with respect to intelligent design, stem cell research, and the idea that homosexuality is genetically caused, to name just a few instances.

Unless scientists are willing to consider all the evidence, science can not and should not be trusted.


It seems we’ve gone too far

While singing the old standards, “O Holiday Tree, O Holiday Tree,” “The Twelve Days of Holiday,” and “I’m Dreaming of a White Holiday,” and also reading “How the Grinch Stole Holiday,” I wonder why only the Christian-based terms have to be redefined to be politically correct.

While the state has set up its current holiday tree, they have also approved the placement of a menorah, and it looks like an atheist sign will be approved also. In order not to possibly offend the few, we must offend the many and also deny our country’s cultural heritage and history.

In keeping with the doctrine of fairness and equality, which this current administration is all about (supposedly), shouldn’t the holiday tree be officially joined NOT by a menorah and an atheist sign, but by a holiday candlestick and a holiday vacancy sign?

Merry CHRISTMAS, anyhow.


Congress failing at health care reform

Witness the spectre of individual self aggrandizement proliferating through Congress as the people we have elected seek to enhance their own political fortunes by pretending to enact legislation enabling our access to health care.

Anybody believing that we are about to see some meaningful law passed on behalf of the people emerge from this den of charlatans, hacks and crooks must be delusional. The last meaningful law to make it through the system happened on July 30, 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law.

The people have had nothing since then; unless you count the trickle down (remember that? Sort of like,”just say no”) tax cuts or the Terry Schaivo law breathlessly signed by that stalwart champion for the people George W. Bush.

Y’all need to take a deep breath and develop some humility. We’re going to need it after we win this race to the bottom. If you’re not sure what economic humility looks like , visit a Third World country, or better yet, volunteer at a local food bank or shelter.