Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 22

Take care of our problems first

Enough is enough.

We need a reality check in the United States of America. We are no longer the economically or politically strong America of old.

We can’t take on the world anymore, with a U.S. military presence in 60 countries.

Our health care system is broken. It is bankrupting the nation while 40 million uninsured go without the most rudimentary care.

Unemployment is almost 10 percent. The homeless rate is the worst since the 1930s, while greed still runs rampant on Wall Street.

At least temporarily, we should allow other nations to solve their own problems. Our first priority now is to take care of our own problems. Otherwise we may face riots or terrorism within.


Education is the cure for vandalism

I write in reference to a letter by Katie Wynn and her diatribe against higher education.

I was dismayed to hear that Wynn’s neighbor got graffitied, but even more disconcerting was her pathetic plan to stop the problem by cleaning out The Evergreen State College.

Not that Wynn showed any interest in the facts, but she should know that the few hard-to-catch graffiti vandals who have been caught are young kids — high school or younger, that is if they are still in school.

Many are uneducated dropouts.

Education is the cure for vandalism and ironically the Wynn advocates action that would make the problem worse. Brilliant.