Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 26

Republicans have damaged America

A recent “what’s wrong with Obama’s administration” list by a local writer seems like an attempt to mislead Americans.

ACORN corruption, lack of government transparency, failure to get rid of lobbyists and porkers as promised by the Obama campaign were all angrily mentioned. But, so what?

This is minor league stuff that always plagues every administration, however well-meaning. Yes, those were misdemeanors, but compared with the felonies committed by the Bush administration, they are pretty small potatoes.

The Bush cabal sabotaged America’s chance to head off global climate change. This will leave humanity struggling with expensive disaster management for generations to come.

In particular, downtown Olympia will be flooded by rising seas. Did ACORN’s corruption do anything like that?

The Bush team let Osama bin Laden escape, started a pointless war in Iraq, burdened America with debt, earned international contempt for our country, sabotaged efforts to lead the world in the sustainable energy industry, tortured people, debased the U.S. Constitution, obliterated government transparency and deregulated us into an economic depression.

Lists of trivial problems shoved in our faces by hate-radio hosts and their followers are an attempt to distract us from the Republican destruction of our country during the Bush years. It is like blaming firefighters battling a conflagration for all the damage so that people will forget the arsonists who set the fire in the first place.

Don’t fall for it.

Republicans have damaged America. Remember that while working with the Obama team to fix it again.


U.S. buildup of military is wrong

The United States has no diamond mines, neither do we have large oil reserves. But we do have the world’s largest military-industrial complex.

Why? To protect us from the Nazi invasion that never made it to our shores? To guard against an attack on our West Coast cities by the North Vietnamese Army digging tunnels under the Pacific Ocean? How many times has Cuba threatened to attack Florida in the last 50 years? Let’s keep going. Have the people of Grenada threatened to harm anyone in NYC? Bosnian Navy attempting to mine San Francisco Bay? Iraqis going to snuff us out with a mushroom cloud?

No, no and no.

The only time the security of the people of the United States has been an actual issue in the last 60 years, our president thought it such a minor incident that, after being told about it, he continued to read a book to a class of grade school children for the next 20 minutes.

But, despite all physical evidence to the contrary, our politicians and military personnel have repeatedly warned us that we are in imminent danger. Nothing less than our national security is at stake. The very heart of our country is on the verge of being stolen. Quick, we better attack someone.

After all, we haven’t built over 800 military bases around the world to not use them for something.

What I hear is that no one wants wants peace more than the military. Maybe if they stopped killing people? Nah! Humbug.