Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Dec. 27

Traffic camera deters business

Traffic cameras have been proven (from a Freedom of Information request in Los Angeles) to INCREASE the number of accidents at any given location. All they are REALLY used for is to increase revenues to the local government.

Now that Lacey has installed a traffic camera at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Sleater Kinney Road (from which I received a ticket for not stopping at a right turn in a car I WAS NOT EVEN IN), I will no longer be visiting any of the businesses along Pacific.

Goodbye to Fred Meyer, that little Thai restaurant, the used bookstore, Music 6000, Tire Dogs, etc. I will be taking my business to Olympia and Fort Lewis.

I will be back when the traffic cam comes down.


Lieberman would hate Israel's system

Joe Lieberman is adamantly opposed to public funding of health care for Americans whether it be in the form of expanded Medicare, public option or a single payer system.

He is opposed on the grounds that it risks increasing our budget deficit. Lieberman must be absolutely horrified at the universal, publicly funded health care system in Israel. The senator must cringe every time American taxpayers send billions of dollars for foreign aid to Israel.

After all, if a universal or socialized health care system based on a progressive tax wouldn’t work for Americans, he must feel it is highly inappropriate for us to subsidize socialism for Israelis as well.

Lieberman ought to advocate withholding those hard-earned American tax dollars for Israel until they abolish their socialized health care system and get government out of the health care industry.


Americans must contact representatives

I am a lifelong Democrat, a former high school teacher, and a veteran of 33 years in the U.S. Air Force. I am disappointed and embarrassed at the health care charade which is taking place in the U.S. Senate and the lack of leadership shown by President Barack Obama and the Democrats in the Senate.

If the Senate produces a bill that contains a mandate requiring, under penalty of law, that all Americans obtain health care insurance and if that bill does not also include cost containment provisions which remove from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries the power to set insurance and pharmacy rates not under the control of a truly independent government intermediary, then it is imperative that our elected representatives vote against such a bill.

I refuse to be a part of an America which is owned and run by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and I expect our representatives in Congress to do their duty to stand up and do what is right for the working class Americans they represent.

I urge other readers of this newspaper to contact their representative and Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to make sure that our elected representatives know where the people stand on this issue.


Politicians get under our skin

Things that bother me:

That Iraq and Afghanistan are another Vietnam and our leaders are too arrogant/stupid to see it.

Billions of dollars being sent overseas while Americans sit on corners begging and children go to bed hungry.

Lawmakers and business leaders talk about raising taxes/prices while employment is at high levels and money is tight for everyone.

Politicians. Democrats point fingers at all Republicans and Republicans point fingers at all Democrats for our current problems.

The broken criminal justice system.

The broken school system.

People who don’t vote, but complain about everything.


Show some leadership, consolidate services

A recent Olympian editorial was titled, “Gregoire’s government reform effort falls short.”

It will not save $9 billion, but millions can be saved short- and long-term by the state adopting the federal governments practice of consolidating personnel, payroll and engineering/facility/fleet services.

With a single point of service for all agencies, they can concentrate on their core functions and improve services. Of course this will result in contracting out of many services and that will eliminate dozens if not hundreds of state jobs.

However, these are jobs that service the state agencies, not the public.

Locally, a visit to Fort Lewis, McChord Air Force Base or the federal General Administration Service regional center would result in observing how efficient the consolidation would be.

It will not take a rocket scientist to implement this reform; however, it will take moral courage.

BOB GREEN, Olympia

Murray, Cantwell engage in class warfare

Recently, Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell voted against a motion to allow the importation of prescription drugs even though imported drugs would be far cheaper.

Yet when American workers objected to importing goods from China because they undermine American workers’ wages, Sens. Murray and Cantwell argued that free trade is good for America.

The lesson?

Free trade that lowers American wages is good and free trade that threatens corporate profits is bad. This is how corporations wage class war. They buy politicians who write the rules that protect corporations and damage the rest of us.