Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 2

Don't listen to Republican lies

I have lived through many administrations and man shifts in the direction of our government. I rejoiced when I attended a caucus and found so many young people involved in our politics after years of disillusionment. They sent a clear message to the Republicans and the last administration.

Now I watch as clever partisanship and rhetoric turn the country back to “business as usual.” The genuine reforms Obama attempted have been stymied by representatives playing the dirtiest games.

If Americans are wise, the Republicans will lose more seats in the next election. The Democrats will spread out and dismiss those who can’t see that the good of the nation is greater than their hold on power. Perhaps a new set of rules will weaken the lobbyists, the military complex, and the health industry. Is it too much to hope for real integrity? Do lies have to win the arguments?

Can all sections of America understand the rights and needs of the others? I hope so.


Don't close Rainier School

The closing of the Rainier School would be disastrous for the approximately 360 adults with a wide group of needs. Closing more social services would likewise have disastrous ripples in the social fabric of our society. Eliminating any of the state’s mental health or social service programs will ultimately cost the state more money than keeping the adults in the institutions where they reside and are well cared for. Most of the residents would become homeless, requiring more and more resources from the state and federal governments.

At the same time that the governor is considering closing the school, she is allowing raises for state workers. That is just not right. While that might be politically attractive to elected officials to keep the state employees happy, I wish you would consider the plight of those who would be affected by the closure of the Rainier School and other social services.

One place she took action was the merger of some of the state departments. There’s no reason for duplication of effort, yet it is still being done. I would really like to see more thinking outside of the box in the budgetary process.


Bus stops aren't always safe to use

There is an important issue I would like to bring up. It is about whether kids should be dropped off and picked up before and after school from and to their houses. I bring this up is because of the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was found 18 years after she was kidnapped while walking to her bus stop.

Parents would feel better knowing that their kids are being picked up in front of their houses – especially parents who live far from bus stops. Students may feel more at ease as well – knowing that they would be safer. I know I would feel much safer if I got dropped off and picked up at school. Shouldn’t the kids of our communities have the right to feel safe?

Another reason children should be picked up and dropped off in front of their homes is the cold winter weather. Certain kids don’t have the proper clothes for the cold weather. One major issue that comes along with this cold is sickness. We are basically putting our kids into the path of sickness. Shouldn’t we be trying to prevent sickness? I hope I got across my message – pick our kids up and drop them off at their houses. If not, there may be serious consequences.


Litter bugs are lazy people

There is a serious problem in America and it’s affecting our nation. Pollution is a hazard. Throwing your garbage on the ground and into the sewers is just lazy. This can be avoided but people are not taking the responsibility of taking care of their own homes. It’s not fair to those who do take part in cleaning the environment. Everywhere you go you will see trash sitting on the side of the road. And, whenever someone is walking, they never pick anything up. People take part in Earth Day activities and other green events. It would be better if people cleaned up litter every day, or, better yet, didn’t make a mess.

And those Hummers. Oh gosh! They are proven to be the worst vehicle for the environment. The fumes are horrendous.

People are chopping down a tremendous amount of beautiful trees so we can have a house right where we want. Washington is losing its trees and we are known as the Evergreen State. We don’t need all these houses when an ample amount of them are empty. Plus, the prices are too high.

The best outcome would come if we just left the trees alone, walked a little farther and threw the trash away.

We only live once on this earth; we can’t leave it like a trash bin. What happened to respect? I want a law against chopping down of too many trees and better enforcement of litter laws.