Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 3

Another group of doctors is available

As an addendum to Rolf Boone’s article on “New Family Docs in Town,” I would like to point out that there is a whole set of doctors in Olympia who are qualified as primary care doctors. These are your local naturopathic physicians (ND), who are trained as primary care doctors and can also act as a “gateway to the health care system.” NDs perform a full range of physical exams and perform a multitude of lab tests. Like other family physicians, naturopaths are trained to recognize when patients need additional health care, and refer to the appropriate specialist. In addition, naturopaths have the authority to prescribe all legend drugs and a limited number of controlled substances. While these drugs are available to the doctors and their patients, oftentimes, naturopathic doctors use more natural and less toxic substances to treat disease and reach optimal wellness.

We accept most private insurance plans, and the benefits of seeing a naturopathic physician are vast, some of which include: having an extended medical visit, being a partner in your health care, getting to the root cause of disease, treating the whole person (not just the diagnosis), and counseling on diet, nutrition and lifestyle so as to reach a cured state. Thus, it is important to not forget to look for a naturopathic doctor when seeking medical care in Olympia. As Dr. Stephen Albrecht of Olympia Family Medicine said, “Any expansion of primary care is a good thing.”


Marijuana fears are overblown

Jill Wellock totally misses the reason for medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington, which is to regulate who gets to use marijuana. We’re talking about people with extremely debilitating diseases such as, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, MS and depression, whose only escape from the constant pain is to use marijuana. She makes a big deal about how dangerous it is to teenagers with developing minds and she’s right – kids should not use drugs, any drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes. But to suggest that medical marijuana dispensaries will suddenly spur an unprecedented amount of marijuana use among our children is laughable.

If anything, dispensaries will lend more control over the drug then we have now by regulating it. She also makes the claim that bus drivers, child care workers and others will swiftly become “users,” leaving our children in dangerous situations. Please, how does one get from the use of a medical drug to the whole fabric of society unraveling? There is too much scientific evidence siding with the medical uses of marijuana and I am suggesting that Jill take her very narrow outlook and educate herself as to the positive uses of marijuana and the reasons why so many people, doctors, lawyers, politicians (travel hosts such as Rick Steves) believe that we need to come out of the Dark Ages and give those of us who need marijuana just to maintain a normal, pain-free life a chance to do so within the legal system.


Murray should be recalled

Our senator, Patty Murray, has sold us out to China. By voting for the largest pork filled federal budget in history, We now have to go to China with hat in hand and ask for a $1.1 trillion loan. She knew full well that the nation was already bankrupt, She also knew that a lot of our good folks are out of work and would not be able to pay for all this spending.

What is wrong with her what is she thinking ?

Murray voted for the far-left and Harry Reid agenda again with the trillion dollar health care bill. Another far-left trillion dollar boondoggle and raid on Medicare and the U.S. Treasury. We cannot afford this woman one more day. Her spending and her far-left liberal views are way out of control. This is not the change the people of Washington wanted. We must start a recall now.


Health care plan is too flawed

Will we allow our government to take control of our health care system? We might be able to use some reforms to tort law and health insurance, but would such reform, not control, require over 2,000 pages to form a law? No, the bulk of this package is money, in essence, bribes to the politicians for their support.

Think about this. The government may be able to control how much Dr. Blank charges for your visit, which you won’t see, but nothing says Dr. Blank has to keep working as a doctor. Why do you suppose Canadians go south for medical procedures? Or why do they have a shortage of doctors? In a few years, where will we go, Mexico?

My children are already “covered” by the state until I can find additional work. But that’s only if we can find someone who will accept new patients under the state plan.

Bottom line — socialism doesn’t work.