Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor for Jan. 5

Humans violate the Law of Limits

The Law of Limits is one of the most fundamental of the biological laws.

If every species and every individual within a species – including the human species – has opposed species, conditions and restrictions that limit them, then no single species or group of species will overwhelm the other members in the Community of Life.

In a real sense, the survival of living beings in relationship to other groups of living beings in this evolving cosmos depends on the recognition of limits in the actions of each group.

We humans have a great deal of difficulty with this Law of Limits.

0ur entire modern industrial economy has been committed not only to unlimited growth, but to helping us escape from any limitations, constraints or restrictions that the larger Earth Community might impose on us.

We have so violated this Law of Limits through our population growth and through the mechanical inventions that we have created, and through our extravagant uses of energy, that we have upset the chemical balance of the atmosphere, the soils and the oceans — the life support system, in other words — upon which all creatures, including ourselves, depend.

Unlimited growth is the ideology of a cancer cell that has become disconnected from its genetic memory.

It grows exponentially and ends up consuming the very body that supports it — not unlike what our unlimited growth economy is doing to the planet.