Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 7

Headlines are depressing

On Dec. 26, these were the headlines:

A man tries to blow up an airplane with 250 onboard.

Sorrow and prayer mark the tsunami anniversary that killed 230,000.

Israelis shoot six in the West Bank.

A man abducts a 6-year-old girl in Phoenix and the body of a girl is found in Maryland.

Catholic stance helps abortion bill.

Charlie Sheen spends Christmas in jail.

A Salvation Army major is shot in front of his three children.

The wife of Tiger Woods files for divorce.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care if you like her.

The pope gets pushed down, riots break out in Iran and Olympia has an all-day party for the homeless.

How was I supposed to say: “Happy New Year?”


Police should enforce the laws

I am writing this letter in response to Mike Hays’ letter printed in The Olympian on Dec. 25.

Hays thinks that all high-rise vehicle drivers with oversized, over-width and no-covered tires are discourteous.

I agree with him. But what about all the tailgaters, speeders, no-turn-signal users, jaywalkers, litterers, red-light runners, drivers using cell phones, those who park against the flow of traffic, Harleys without mufflers, and long term (years?) storage of non-running vehicles on city streets?

I, myself, try to go at least 10 miles per hour over the limit to avoid being tailgated, but usually fail to do so.

All of the above crimes are not enforced due to our law officers’ lack of consideration toward people like me who wish not to break the law and be considerate of others.

So think about it. Who is really at fault and most discourteous – the lawbreakers who know they will never get pulled over, or our officers who are being paid by our tax dollars and refuse to protect us from these lawbreakers?

There is one crime our officers do enforce. A friend of mine did get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Apparently, someone not wearing a seat belt is really putting my life in danger.