Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 9

Historical column was appreciated

Thank you, Roger Easton and his cadre of history friends and keepers of resources, for compiling fascinating reading during the past year.

Sunday morning reading of “Olympia at 150” gave all who read the column a greater appreciation of the role Olympia has played in state history and community development. I thank Easton also for including reference sources for further research and reading.


Bribery part of congressional practice

The recent health care debate has exposed the corruption that permeates our national government.

Regardless of the fact a large majority of Americans oppose the current legislation, Congress again knows best and is on the verge of forcing it down our collective throats. The contents of the bill were formulated once again in back rooms, secretive discussions with little transparency or understanding. Even supporters don’t know fully what is contained in the text.

Worst of all, we see powerful members of the Senate openly and unashamedly doling out taxpayer monies as political payoffs for a member’s vote.

If a private citizen were to pay money for political favors, he would be facing felony bribery charges. If it happens in Congress, well, that is just the way we get things done. I don’t understand the difference and never will.

I think a vast majority of Americans want health care reform and they want it soon, but reform that makes sense and that we fully understand before it is enacted into law.

Sometimes winning an issue becomes the motivating factor in getting things done even to the point of committing political suicide.


Congress, president failed us

President Obama’s health care vision is a failure that Americans will pay for should it pass.

The problem is not 40 million uninsured Americans. Not all 40 million used the emergency rooms of hospitals driving up health care costs and breaking this nation’s health care system.

Five percent of the population use nearly 40 percent of the health care dollars spent because they are constantly sick and use the emergency room, the most expensive medicine available.

You have corporate administrators overpaying themselves, stripping off nearly the entire profits of a health care facility for the year.

The real problem with health care is government sticking its fingers into Medicare. Every three months doctors have to purchase a new coding program from the government that reflects new rates the government pays following cuts to Medicare. After doctors submit their bills for payment, the government doesn’t pay them for six months.

Should a doctor incorrectly submit a bill for payment, they have to resubmit the bill and restart the waiting period. What people are seeing is a poorly written health care bill submitted by mediocre legislators, pushed by a president who accepts mediocre legislation that doesn’t fix the problem?

No wonder Americans are mad. Nothing gets done correctly in Congress and both the president and Congress adopt mediocre legislation.

The president’s dream is such a poor vision that members of the Senate had to be bribed to get the necessary 60 votes to pass. The American people want a leader with a vision, not a cheerleader with a speech. Americans shouldn’t accept poor legislation.