Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12

U.S. should work with Iran

With the world struggling with global warming, and trying to switch to alternate power systems, Iran needs to switch to nuclear power.

Outsiders (the United States) can easily say that they (Iran) could simply buy from us, but that is not politically correct. The United States and Iran have always been adversaries. We cannot expect this to change anytime soon.

Also, if we supply the fuel instead of them, they become dependent on our supply. That would be similar to the Soviets supplying us with rocket motors for missiles which we say will not be used for weapons.

Instead of fighting about the source of the uranium, we should be talking about the security of the fuel. Maybe the United States should offer scientists to help with designs and make it a shared project with the Soviets.

By helping with the project, all parties concerned will be informed of all goings on. If nuclear power is the only issue, there should not be a problem.


Stop blaming America

Letter writer Glen Anderson continues his never-ending blame America first whine when he says, “Every time Bush or Obama kills innocent civilians, they recruit more terrorists.”

Anderson needs to understand, W has been out of office for nearly a year now. It is all Zero’s doing from Inauguration Day forward with his socialist Congress and agenda.

On the bright side, there is less of a pool to choose the T’s from after a hellfire comes calling.

Think of it as urban renewal.