Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for March 8

Lawmakers void the will of the voters

On November 6, 2007, the people of Washington state voted in favor of “The Taxpayer Protection Initiative,” commonly called Initiative 960. In addition to requiring approval of two-thirds of the Legislature, it also required every statewide tax measure on a ballot for voters to approve, disapprove or offer an advisory vote. It also mandated that a press release be issued on every meaningful action on bills dealing with taxes and fees.

Those in Olympia have fought against I-960 since June 2007, originally seeking to remove the initiative from the ballot.

The State Supreme court unanimously voted 9-0 to keep the initiative on the ballot and it was ultimately approved by the voters. Sen. Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, challenged the initiative. It came before the state Supreme Court in the case of Brown v. Owen. The court denied Brown’s petition and now almost a year later, unable to get taxpayers to oppose the initiative and unable to persuade the courts, the governor and legislative Democrats have unilaterally voided this law.

They are not only showing that they are unable to balance a budget but refuse to listen to the people who elected them. In order to change this mentality in Olympia and the District of Columbia, we the voters and taxpayers must change who we vote into office.

That is why in addition to running for this year’s U.S. Senate seat I will also attempt to put a voter initiative on the ballot that requires the state to balance its budget.


Lawmakers break promise, again

I can’t believe the governor and Democrat-led Legislature can get away with suspending Initiative 960.

They seriously think we’re dumb enough to believe that just because there is a budget shortfall, in their opinion, that they will re-instate it after July 2011? Give me a break!

When was the last time the government of this state did something for the taxpayers of this state?

Seriously, think about it. There are two kinds of people here. The ones that have hearts that bleed for people that don’t have the means, energy, know-how or ambition to carry their own weight, and the people that have to pay for them but want to be left alone.

Can you guess which half voted for I-960?

I wish this state would leave me alone!

By the way, do any of the people on the dole have to pass a drug screen? I didn’t think so.


Economists push the wrong solution

Suppose you went to your doctor for a checkup and he said to you there is good news, your problems with arthritis and diabetes will clear up soon.

The bad news — you have cancer and we are going to do everything we can to cause it to prosper.

At this point I suspect you would be looking for a new doctor.

But this is exactly what the witch doctors of the economic system are telling us. Every time they say that we need to grow the economy or that there must be economic growth for us to prosper, they are saying that cancer is the cure for all of our ills.

This so-called mainstream economic approach either ignores or actively denies the concept that in the real world there are limits. For example, if ones feeds the elk in Jackson Hole through the winter, the limits on elk population are not changed, they are only temporarily set aside.

There is such a thing as a steady-state, sustainable economic system.

But those who make economic decisions would have to live with a smaller portion of the world’s wealth if they admitted this.


Public must be involved in port decision

The Port of Olympia needs to have a long-term vision of the waterfront at Budd Inlet, in Olympia.

Currently they have worked on the project on Budd Inlet called NorthPoint.

NorthPoint is the land on the saltwater next to the KGY building. It is past the Olympia Farmers Market and Swantown Marina.

Some of the Port of Olympia commissioners want to bring public involvement into this process of NorthPoint, such as Commissioner George Barner. The other port commissioners want to fast-track this hotel development, which is right on the water — no room to walk or trails for the public. These men want to turn this development over to a contractor right away.

I hope that the Shoreline Master Plan for the city of Olympia will help the public be involved in this process. We the people need to save this area for future recreation, not huge hotels which will be flooded by climate change tides.


Set killer whale free

I agree with reporter John Dodge.

Sea World, after raking in millions at the expense of captive killer whales, should build an ocean pen for Tilikum so that this beautiful creature can live out his life in the waters of his birth.