Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for March 15

Republicans are the party of ‘no’

In the 70 years I have voted, I have never seen such mean-spirited behavior as that shown by the Republicans — the party of “no” — in opposing health insurance legislation.

Forty million of us are without basic protection, causing thousands to go bankrupt or die prematurely.

But the party of “no” does have an alternative plan. It would cover just 3 million of us. That puny plan is an insult to the American people.

At the next election, the voters will show their disgust with the Republicans playing politics with people’s lives.


Hyer doesn’t belong behind bars

I don’t mean to become Mr. Marijuana commentator, but I can’t let the Joe Hyer situation pass without at least a few words. Hyer is basically a poster child for one very negative aspect of criminalizing marijuana.

Here is a guy who by anybody’s measure is an exemplary citizen. He serves in community volunteer positions. He is a successful private business person with stores that are significant features in downtown Olympia (he pays a lot of taxes and employs a lot of people). He’s a well liked, successfully elected Olympia City Council member who may only be at the beginning of his political career. He believes in our city, and has taken personal economic risk to try and better the downtown area.

So, my question to you is — if you are a taxpaying citizen — do you really think that our society is better served by wasting time and money on catching, prosecuting and then incarcerating this otherwise superior individual because he chose to grow and sell small quantities of marijuana to close, personal friends? Who of you will feel safer with Joe Hyer behind bars?

The laws on marijuana are simply nuts. It’s a widely used, readily available, recreational drug that is so much less harmful in all measures of its use than the widely used, readily available, heavily taxed, job creating recreational drug of alcohol.

Look, I have high blood pressure. If the thinking, voting public could see its way to decriminalize marijuana, maybe I could quit my medication.


Hyer needs to resign council seat

We agree with the editorial on Councilman Joe Hyer printed in The Olympian.

Hyer, 37, in essence has admitted his guilt, and when taking office he swore to uphold the laws of the city, state and nation. Now, he stands accused of breaking those laws.

It doesn’t matter what good he has demonstrated for the community in the past or accomplishments he has made. He has shown us his immaturity and his weakness by his current actions.

It is not enough to take a leave of absence. Hyer needs to resign.


No evidence that heaven exists

I enjoyed reading Emerson Hardebeck’s column about which religious missionaries who come to his door are right and which ones are wrong as they all preach a different dogma. There is a way to find out, but first you must understand what a myth is.

A myth is neither verifiable or falsifiable. That is because a myth is a nothing — so how can a person prove anything one way or the other about a nothing?

Strange as it may seem, every religion that ever existed is neither verifiable or falsifiable, just as if they were nothing but a myth. This is why there are over 1,500 different Christian denominations in America alone. Not one of them can produce any evidence to show that they are correct, and they all have one thing in common — they all demand that you believe in them through blind faith alone.

Never forget this: blind faith, brainwashing, and emotionalism are a substitute for evidence when no evidence exists.

The word “faith” is never used if evidence is available. All preachers are professional con artists who make their money by selling salvation, but no preacher can give evidence that salvation is needed as they cannot give evidence that a heaven or hell exists either.

All a preacher can do is quote selected Scriptures from one of a dozen Bibles which are not all the same. Did you know that all of these Bibles have many errors in them that a wise god would not make?


Shame on the Supreme Court

It is bad enough that so many of our elected officials seem to be influenced by the mighty dollar of corporations and lobbyists. It makes me wonder if the American people truly do have any control over the laws being passed.

I don’t think that anyone in government, especially the Supreme Court, should have lifetime appointments. We will never be able to grow as a society if we don’t truly have control over what, “we the people,” not the corporations, want for our political society.

Shame on the Supreme Court. And shame on anyone elected to serve in congressional office to allow this.