Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for March 22

Prisoners should do their full time

I am saddened by what Michael “Cowboy” Brae has done to destroy so many lives, however the public needs to know what really happens with our supervised criminals.

Once sentenced, a prisoner automatically gets 20 percent of their time removed for “good time.” If they do not lose it, they will serve 80 percent of their time and be supervised the other 20 percent. It is physically impossible for someone to be supervised 24/7 when they only have to check in once a week with staff!

The only way to fix this problem is to require all inmates to serve their entire sentence. Once they are out, they, not the state, would be responsible for their actions.

We need to stop our liberal bleeding heart “oh poor prisoner” attitude in this state and wake up and stop releasing them to do wrong and then blaming the state for what they did.

Our state is one of the most lax across the nation. When are we going to get tough and start fighting for our victims instead of the bad guys?


Don't let the Republicans take charge

President Barack Obama is in trouble politically, and the Democrats could be big losers at the polls.

The Republican Party’s defeat of Obama and his agenda is its top priority. To that end, U.S. Senate Republicans were given marching orders late last year to use any parliamentary tactic to stall, delay or derail Obama’s agenda or appointments — just look at the 200 filibusters the Republicans have used during Obama’s first year. The Republican Party’s focus is on regaining the White House and U.S. Congress; it’s lost sight of what’s right for America.

If the Republicans return to power, what might we expect?

The Republican Party’s base (the top 3 percent to 4 percent of income earners) will want more business in government and less government in business. This will translate to reducing government oversight and regulation over as many industries as possible. Remember how well that worked for America during Bush’s reign — the Enrons going under, banks imploding, Wall Street bleeding billions of our dollars and poisoned consumer imports.

There would be another move to privatize Social Security. The party’s rich base sees Social Security as a great pot of money to move into the private sector and then steal as much as it can. Why? The rich don’t need Social Security. So, where would that leave Americans that do need it?

It’s been said America gets the government it deserves. Let’s hope we don’t deserve a government that could turn us into 19th century England — where we are the serfs.


Create more manufacturing jobs

There is only one way to create jobs in America.

We must start manufacturing more — it’s that simple.

There’s only one way to make that happen. It’s going to take a transformation of our system that has been slowly dismantled by our conservative economic agenda. The only way to make foreign goods more expensive than ours is to tax imports. That will help to pay for infrastructure jobs that must be created until private jobs can catch up. China won’t like it, but they will tolerate it if we do it slowly.

New manufacturing jobs will unionize eventually, providing middle class growth. That will increase tax revenue to help pay for health care, which would take that responsibility away from employers — making them more competitive with world markets.

Will that make consumer goods more expensive? Absolutely. Tough — suck it up.

It’s a small price to pay when you consider what we have lost. We’ve got to get back to work no matter what the cost.


We are not prepared for the big one

Another 9 magnitude earthquake, like the one in 1700, may be just around the corner. We are not prepared for the big one.

Neither is government.

Chile’s recent earthquakes remind us that we live in a very dangerous area. The “ring of fire” is ablaze.

The 6.8 Nisqually quake nine years ago was about 30 miles deep, lasted less than one minute, and impacted Olympia to Seattle. Had it been nearer the surface, and lasted longer, it would have been much worse. We may not be so lucky next time.

People I have spoken with are concerned about earthquakes. Ask politicians what, if anything, they are doing to protect us.

How earthquake proof is the building you work in, schools, hospitals, stores, apartments, senior housing or your home? Lower downtown Olympia and the port will not survive.

What if a mega-quake comes when parents are at work, kids are at school — no water, food, power, heat or light, no medical services, highways and roads are impassable, no communication, your home collapses with you and your family in it and Mt. Rainier blows?

Based on what is happening in Chile, where 1 million homes were destroyed, we need a 30-day supply of food, water, medical supplies and other survival equipment. Know how to split a broken limb, dig yourself out of a collapsed home or building, build a hut. Join your neighbors in a mutual aid society. It’s too late when the big one starts.