Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for March 30

Dams not the answer on Chehalis

Flood control dams on the upper Chehalis River will result in more taxes and poor results.

Flood control dams only moderate average high waters. When it’s really flooding, they fill up rapidly, then release the same flows as enter.

Our most famous fall flood river, the Skokomish, has chum swimming over Highway 101 annually, and there are two dams on it. Dams require complicated and expensive fish passage structures while flooding critical areas for spawning.

The first riffle downstream of the Centralia flood zone controls the upstream water elevation for over 10 river miles. It is this natural bedrock formation that does not allow the river to erode downward, causing the Centralia/Chehalis area to puddle badly. The location is about 0.5 miles below the mouth of the Skookumchuck, near Chehalis River mile 66. This single riffle could be removed and would lower the Chehalis River by 3 feet in the severe flood zone. My spawner surveys have not shown use by salmonids at this location.

The lower Chehalis has massive inflows during floods from the Wynoochee and Satsop rivers. Low gradients and high tides back water up for miles. Dams and dikes upstream will do little for that situation.

Dams and setback dikes are very expensive, but given the opportunity to establish another taxing district, anybody following our state’s financial solutions to the poor economy knows where leadership will go.


We must not legalize marijuana

My daughter once bought a small farm outside Toledo. The old farm house needed much repair.

One wall was opened up to replace wiring and redo the wall. Inside the wall for insulation were old newspapers from Seattle to Portland.

She asked me if I wanted them and I said, “Sure.” I stored them away planning to read them later.

Cleaning out a cupboard, recently, I found them again and started reading.

One article in particular from the June 25, 1939 Seattle Times was titled, “Fighting the Devil’s Weed to Safeguard the Holy Land.” The story said one cause of riots and other disturbances in Palestine was traced to a ring of hashish smugglers who used drugs to inspire fanaticism and race-hatred. The article told how British authorities were trying to catch them.

As a sheriff’s chief deputy, we caught hashish smugglers in the 1970s, bringing it into Olympia from Oregon. Hashish is made from marijuana.

When we make it legal to grow marijuana, I can just see how cartels from the south will make deals with some who have plantations of the weed here. There is already a problem with illegal plantations and some very nasty people involved.

True, booze is bad. But do we need another legal drug?

Let us not open up a Pandora’s box with this marijuana issue. We don’t need to live up to what Puck once said, “Lord, what fools these mortals be ... ”


Why aren't more Christian leaders outraged?

Recent polls indicate that about 80 percent of the American people profess to be Christians.

Despite certain popular claims to the contrary, the founders of the this nation were overwhelmingly — 52 out of 55 — Christians and a good number of those were actually seminary graduates.

These men wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. John Adams, one of the founders and our second president, was quoted as saying, “Our Constitution was made for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any others.”

Christianity was the driving force that civilized Western Europe over the last 20 centuries. It was the original force for hope and change that brought Europe out of the dark ages and created the civilization of the Western World.

The Constitution includes the right of freedom of worship, not the right to outlaw Christian worship.

When the U.S. president tells other nations that America is not a Christian nation, he has either no understanding of the history of this nation or is totally ignoring it for his own objectives. His conduct reached the level of an impeachable offense.

So, where is the Christian leadership in the nation? Why aren’t they standing up and denouncing this move toward total paganistic control of our government? Are the 80 percent going to roll over and let our legacy of Christian civilization be thrown out in favor of uncivilized pagan mob rule?

Is that what the majority are going to let happen?

William Cosgrove

Democrats got something done

I spent a weekend watching the developments leading to the health care vote. It was like watching a high school football game.

Tea party activists conducted themselves like unruly elementary brats running through the bleachers doing little but embarrassing their parents. Having not enough toughness to be on the team, Republican congressmen conducted themselves like adolescent frat boys egging on the unruly elementary school brats.

Democrats were on the field and in play even though the game was not going well. Enduring catcalls, including the N-word and the F-word, and spat upon by the tea party brats, Democrats slogged through to the goal and actually got something done.

Ed Ruttledge