Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for March 31

Commerce is focused on raising exports

Former Congressman Don Bonker declared in The Olympian that President Barack Obama’s goal to double American exports over the next five years under his National Export Initiative was “illusory at best.”

Bonker said meeting the president’s goal required major reorganizations of federal agencies and a fundamental rethinking of our international trade agreements.

I respectfully disagree.

The congressmen has a well earned reputation as a leader on U.S. trade policy, and many of the issues he raised are important — but they aren’t the primary reasons why America is currently exporting less then we should.

The real issues are often a lot more mundane.

Companies can’t get export financing or they don’t have the political or business contacts to break into new markets.

A lot of small businesses preoccupied with meeting payroll or getting products out the door might not have time to explore promising export opportunities abroad.

This is the blocking and tackling of international trade. It is where the NEI is really going to help.

The NEI calls for an unprecedented level of attention and governmental coordination and in order to achieve the president’s ambitious export goals. The initiative calls for bold increases in resources and cabinet level attention to expand credit to exporters and to aggressively position U.S. firms to succeed in global markets.

At Commerce, Secretary Gary Locke has made export promotion a singular focus of his tenure, and we look forward to accelerating those efforts under the NEI to create jobs in Washington state and throughout the country.

TRAVIS SULLIVAN. Director of policy and strategic planning U.S. Department of Commerce

Health care reform forced on Americans

Open wide, citizens, and say “Arrrgh” because Congress jammed this health care reform down your throats!

I just hope your gag reflex doesn’t kick in after you’ve already swallowed it. I will never understand why the Nancy Pelosi clan refuses to listen to our outcries of “STOP!”

Do we need health care reform?

Probably, but if any of you think that an insurance company is going to take on hundreds or even thousands of clients with serious pre-existing conditions and not raise their premiums on the rest of us, you’re crazy!

Further, if you think that we can provide health insurance to 32 million additional people and not cost us anything, you’re crazier than I thought you were!

The rest of the world is rolling on the floor laughing for this national crisis that President Barack Obama and his crony politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have inflicted upon us. The world knows that we are in very serious trouble financially and you and I, as well as our children and grandchildren, will never be able to pay for these misguided efforts that will destroy us!

Still, the left-wing liberals want to put us even further in the red. Cradle-to-grave care was not a promise from our signers of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Some people are demanding it now, so like I said, “Open wide and swallow hard, because it’s gonna hurt going down.”

Oh, and good luck finding a doctor.


Don't fall for health care reform

We are being sold down the river again by the banking cartel. Read your history. This so-called health care reform will be the straw which will break the bank of America.

Like pigs at the trough, those who have jobs with big business and government want something people like myself who are self-employed don’t have. If we were a free market economy where each of us were allowed the benefits of our labor, we would have health care for all because the free market would let those who provided those products that were not affordable to drop out.

Get the government out of the way. The Constitution does not enumerate these acts.

The government is bankrupt, along with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare — you name it. The government has bankrupt our systems. Do you really want the government to be able to reach into your bank account?

Unionists are placated by big government/business interests. One day, they to will wake up in the shell of America without rights and wonder what happened.


McKenna is playing politics

It looks like our representatives are trying to figure out how to balance our budget. Now the governor wants to step in with her own ideas.

In the meantime, our attorney general wants to play politics and try to gain recognition from the tea party Republicans in the other Washington, with the pretense that he is upset that our Constitition might be violated by some language in the health care law. He might fool some, but he doesn’t fool me.

Where was he when George Bush trampled all over our Constitution with impunity? I thought he was elected to serve the residents of this state. Now he wants to use our tax dollars to trot off across the country to only serve himself at our expense while other elected officials, both Republican and Democrat, are trying to get us through these tough economic times.

If the governor is looking at ways to reduce spending, cutting the funds to the attorney general’s office might be a good place to start.

If Rob McKenna wants to play politics, he should be required to pay his own way to D.C., pay for his own lodging, and do this on his vacation time.