Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 2

Police out to collect revenue

As a public employee, I’ve always thought our job is to serve people, not prey on them. I guess that attitude will never get me hired in Olympia city government.

Protect and serve? Not so much, unless by that they mean protect their jobs by serving up one revenue enhancing traffic ticket after another.

The abysmal failure to solve the city-created traffic disaster at Cooper Point Road and Black Lake Boulevard is what led to Sandy DeShaw and 11 others getting blocking and obstruction tickets the day after Thanksgiving. The abysmal failure of police officers to solve the problem by directing traffic and instead ticketing those caught in the wicked gridlock is a classic case of diagnosing the problem incorrectly and then re-doubling efforts to fix it.

Those with the conscience of the uninformed who have criticized DeShaw don’t seem to realize that ticketing seems to be the city’s preferred way to profit from its own failure. But then maybe those ticketed don’t know the city motto: “Failure is not an option, it’s city policy.”

One need look no further than the hideous architectural monstrosity being built in the neo-urban blight style downtown. The Fourth Avenue Folly is visual pollution of the worst kind, awaiting only the inscription above the door, “Not only can’t you fight city hall, you can’t even park here.”

But that’s OK. Just go to the intersection of Black Lake and Cooper Point. There’s plenty of parking there.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Driver should have paid $124 ticket

I am responding to the angry citizen ticketed for blocking and obstructing an intersection. How many citizens were angered by the blocking action of herself and the other 11 drivers that were also ticketed?

I find it very frustrating to travel south on Black Lake Boulevard and be unable to proceed because northbound drivers are blocking the intersection. Drivers should be watching traffic several cars ahead, and not just the car immediately in front of them.

If a driver makes such an observation, the driver can then be able to determine if they should enter the intersection to make the left onto Cooper Point Road.

According to Washington State law, “No driver shall enter an intersection ... unless there is sufficient space on the other side of the intersection ... to accommodate the vehicle he is operating without obstructing the passage of other vehicles ...”

I applaud the Olympia Police Department for enforcing RCW 46.61.202, that prohibits such blocking action. The reason the intersection was completely paralyzed is because of drivers not obeying the law, not the timing of the lights or high volume of traffic. The high volume of traffic would flow better if rules of the road were learned and followed.

I am disappointed this ticket was dismissed. The “disappointed and angry” driver should have paid $124 to remind her there is a reason these laws exist. I am sure the OPD is upset every time they write a valid citation and it is dismissed by the court.


Republicans are the party of ‘no’

I am amazed at the conduct of members of the Republican Party. They have become the nastiest politicians ever. Their actions are no better than scuffling, tormenting little kids in a grade school playground.

I have voted Republican many times in my life, but I would not vote that way again if they were the only party with candidates.

The health bill will surely be a much-needed program to the many unemployed citizens in our country facing illness in their families. The federal employees insurance plan that covers our politicians at little cost to them is paid by us taxpayers.

Spitting on one of our representatives, using derogatory remarks to others, is the negative actions of a proud party that produced people like Abraham Lincoln and others? It is a prime example of how low they stoop today.

The Republican Party has become the party of “no.” They will not vote for anything involving the people of this country. All this month, every time a Republican talked about the health bill, they said, “The American people don’t want this.”

Well, I’m an American and I want my friends and neighbors to have health care. If we can find the money to support George Bush’s war, we can find it to help the average American who pays taxes to keep this great country going.

Now they will be dragging out their dirty tricks book to fight this law. They don’t work for us. They work for themselves. Throw the bums out.


McKenna is right, Gregoire is wrong

Gov. Chris Gregoire is angry with Attorney General Rob McKenna for suing the federal government over Obamacare.

“I don’t know who he represents,” she said. “He doesn’t represent me.”

Well Madame Governor doesn’t represent me, and it’s nice that at least Attorney General McKenna does.

The governor stated that she planned to sue McKenna in return, and that the attorney general’s office would have to support her lawsuit. Hopefully, McKenna will assign his best and most competent litigator to his lawsuit, and his least competent litigators to the governor’s lawsuit.

LEE JAMES, Olympia