Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor for April 3

McKenna out of touch with clients

The new health care reform law is very much civil rights legislation that creates egalitarian access to medical care. Just as the southern states resisted Brown v. Board of Education in the name of states’ rights, it was expected that there would now be some blowback from conservative states. Washington should not be among them.

By joining this lawsuit, Rob McKenna has put into the mouths of the people of Washington words nearly identical to those in the Southern Manifesto (March 12, 1956), which stated that it was reaffirming “reliance on the Constitution as the fundamental law of the land” and decrying “encroachment on rights reserved to the states and to the people.”

The suit that McKenna joined on behalf of the people of Washington without consulting any of them, including the governor and legislative leaders, reads very much like a manifesto. Like the Southern Manifesto, the lawsuit’s main argument is that the new law is “an unprecedented encroachment on the sovereignty of the states.”

McKenna’s assertion in the complaint that he has joined it as “protector of the freedom, public health, and welfare” of the people of the state of Washington also evokes rhetoric of the Southern Manifesto. Washington should not be among conservative states challenging this new law of equality and public welfare. If McKenna thinks otherwise, he is seriously out of touch with his clients, we the people of Washington. In fact, it is readily apparent that his real client is the Republican Party.