Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 5

Voters should support fire district election

A very important question will be put to the voters of the city of Lacey and Fire District 3 on April 27. They will be asked whether to change the agreement under which the fire district provides fire protection and emergency services to the city. These services have been provided under a contract for 44 years.

While both city and fire district residents have received excellent services from the fire district, governance issues, including a voice for city residents in fire district operations, require a better approach. That is why city and fire district leaders agreed to ask voters to approve this proposal.

This approach involves a formal process called annexation, which allows boundaries to be adjusted. In this case, they will be asked to decide whether to adjust the fire district’s boundaries to include the city of Lacey. This would give voters in the city a voice and a vote on fire and emergency service. Voters in the district would decide whether to include city residents as cost-sharing and voting partners.

All residents of the newly combined area would be assessed at the same tax rate, and those dollars would go directly to the fire district. City residents would continue to pay property taxes to the city for city services except fire and emergency services.

Service levels would be unchanged and all residents would be able to vote on issues affecting fire district operations, funding and representation.

We encourage all voters in the city of Lacey and Fire District 3 to vote “yes.”

THOMAS L. NELSON C.H., Mayor of Lacey; “SKIP” HOUSER, Fire District 3 commissioner

Attorney general right to appeal reform

Wow. I guess it is abundantly clear where a vast majority of Washington’s congressional delegation, state legislators and governor all stand on the importance the Constitution holds in protecting the citizens from an out of control federal bureaucracy. Too much is too much. It would appear that these people hold a square of Charmin in more esteem.

The citizens of this state have a right to know whether the federal government has overstepped its authority in forcing them to purchase health insurance policies or face a financial penalty as directed by the passage of the recent health care monstrosity. This is absurd as well as insulting to a free people and goes against the very principles upon which this nation was founded. Surely, this will not stand when reviewed and ruled upon by the Supreme Court.

Washington is fortunate in that the position of attorney general is an elected position accountable to the people and not just the oligarchy that rules this state with an iron fist. If it wasn’t, we may never know if our constitutional rights are being trampled, as the governor would rather take a don’t ask, don’t tell position.


Gregoire doesn’t represent me

Gov. Chris Gregoire states that Attorney General Rob McKenna “doesn’t represent me” when talking about the lawsuit he is filing against the federal government over the health care issue.

Well, the governor didn’t represent the majority when she stripped away Initiative 960. She doesn’t represent me as she increases taxes on businesses that will turn around and pass the cost on to us the consumer.

She doesn’t represent me when she filed a lawsuit against the Bush administration over the global warming hoax.

She doesn’t represent me as she runs Washington into the ground and into bankruptcy.


Silent majority backs McKenna

I watched our governor ask just who Rob McKenna was representing and will admit to being one of those he is protecting with his lawsuit challenging health care reform.

I work with the public and have yet to hear one person admit to liking the new health care bill. Why should any of us be punished because we don’t have insurance or can’t afford it? How can the U.S. government shove this down our throats and expect us to like it?

I hate to say this, it’s the governor who is ignoring the will of the people.

We don’t want this! As an added treat, we will remember who voted for this and come this November as well. The ones who voted for this will be voted out of office.

Go for it, Rob McKenna. The silent majority is behind you.


School superintendent should lose his job

When will it stop?

We have a state school superintendent who allegedly decided to get into a car with his family and drive drunk. What is he teaching not only his family, but our children at school? We are supposed to teach our children about right and wrong.

I’m sure that since he is a high official, he will only get his hand slapped. It’s time to do what is right. He should be fired for poor judgment and maybe if the courts get tougher, we won’t see this happen so often.


Have insurance or pay for service

I think it is time to listen to those people who are crying about buying health insurance.

How about passing a law that anyone over 21 who comes to an emergency room for treatment, must either have insurance or cash to pay the cost. Frankly, I am tired of paying the bills of these people. I imagine there are a lot of people that feel the same way, and make no mistake, we foot the bill in higher costs at the hospital because of these deadbeats.

BOB ROOT, Tumwater